Across the Bay at Angel Island


An Angel Island Adventure If you look out our kitchen window, you’ll see it. A monstrous island rising out of the water of the San Francisco Bay.  So big in fact, you won’t be able to miss it. While it appears to be secluded, after one click on Google you’ll quickly realize this island has quite a […]

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An Early Morning in Chinatown


San Francisco’s Chinatown. Packed to the brim with color, culture, and so much charm, Chinatown is hands down the most iconic neighborhood here in San Francisco. And, with good reason. Not only is it the second largest Chinatown in all of the US — the largest being in NYC —  but it’s also the oldest in […]

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San Francisco’s Most Tranquil Canyon

Before moving to San Francisco, I had absolutely no clue how many pockets of nature there were in this city. Let’s see, there’s Fort Funston, Mt. Davidson, Twin Peaks, and Lands End, just to name a few. As you can probably imagine, the list goes on and on, which is one of the many reasons […]

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A City Escape to Hawk Hill & Black Sand Beach

So, I think Derek and I might have developed a new obsession. If you’ve been following along with the last couple of posts you’ve probably recognized a pattern. Do the two words “Marin Headlands” ring a bell? Ah, there I said it. We are obsessed with this area. But, can you blame us? These headlands […]

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Exploring Point Bonita Lighthouse

Have you ever heard of the Point Bonita Lighthouse? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. It was only a few weeks ago that I learned about this secret jewel of the Bay Area. But let me just say, this beauty is definitely a sight to see. It is the perfect place if you are seeking […]

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Biking Over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering how in the world it’s even possible that two months have passed since the day these photos were taken. I’m in astonishment because that means already 60 days — give or take — have passed since Grace’s visit. Wow. Looking back, this was such a fun-filled day. We […]

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