A Day-Trip Leading Us to Girona

During our five-day stay in Barcelona, Derek and I took the train about 45 minutes to a small, historic city called Girona. After seeing photos from my older sister, Claire, when she visited this area while living in Spain, we knew we had to carve out time to explore this place ourselves.

I’m so happy we made the trip.

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5 Days in Beautiful Barcelona

After starting our trip off in Madrid (you can read more about those days here, here and here!), Derek and I then hopped on the train and headed to Barcelona. While we didn’t really know what to expect since neither one of us had ever visited this city before, we were both so anxious to explore it. Especially since we had heard such amazing things from so many different people. My sister had lived here a few months teaching English, so I was really looking forward to see what her old stomping grounds were all about.

Oh, Barcelona.

This city did not disappoint. From all the eclectic neighborhoods to the fun local markets, and of course the food, we had such a memorable time during these five days.

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Chowing Down at San Miguel Market & Exploring El Rastro

Why is it when you’re away from home, everything that is considered edible calls your name. It’s like the minute your stomach realizes you’re on vacation, it never ever seems to get full. And somehow, it manages to trick your brain into thinking calories don’t count. Am I right?

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a sneaky stomach?!

It just seems like since we’ve gotten here, all we’ve been doing is eating. Which, hey, I’m definitely not complaining. The bread. The gelato. The tapas. How can you say no?

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Picnicing, Park Hopping & Cable-Car Riding Across Madrid

After several days of non-stop walking & picture-snapping, Derek and I decided to spend our last full afternoon in Madrid simply chilling. Our feet needed the break. They were practically screaming for one. So, we thought what better way to relax than to grab some vino, pack a picnic, and head to Parque de El Retiro, which is basically Madrid’s Central Park.

We stopped by a local market and picked up a crate of fresh strawberries, which made the afternoon that much more sweeter.

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The First Few Days in Madrid

So far, Madrid has been a dream.

While we’ve only been here a few days, Derek and I have quickly fallen in love with this mesmerizing city. Colorful streets. Friendly people. Delicious food. We simply cannot get enough.

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