Yoga to the People


Ah, yoga. If you had asked me a year ago if I liked yoga, I would have greeted that question with a big ole chuckle. Had I tried it? Yes. Multiple times. But, I never could really get into it. And, forget about finding my “center.” During those 60-minute sessions of stretching my body in […]

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Making 381 Square Feet Feel Like Home


Making a Home As hard as it is for me to believe, we’ve officially been living in San Francisco for eight months now. AH! Isn’t that crazy?! But, I’m happy to announce that after eight months, our teeny-tiny apartment finally feels like home, and I couldn’t be more excited to give you a tour. Don’t […]

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San Francisco Lately


Hello! Here we are again, another Monday upon us. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Derek was on the east coast for work all last week, so we took these last two days extra slow. There were a lot of snoozes, pancakes, and leisurely walks around the city. It was a good time. While […]

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Weekend Highlights


This weekend sure did feel extra lovely, and for no particular reason. Maybe it was the warmth from the golden sun shining down on us here in the Bay area. Or, maybe it was the one-too-many snoozes spent beneath our white duvet cloud? Whatever it was, these last few days were well spent. So, before […]

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San Francisco’s Most Tranquil Canyon

Before moving to San Francisco, I had absolutely no clue how many pockets of nature there were in this city. Let’s see, there’s Fort Funston, Mt. Davidson, Twin Peaks, and Lands End, just to name a few. As you can probably imagine, the list goes on and on, which is one of the many reasons […]

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Biking Over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering how in the world it’s even possible that two months have passed since the day these photos were taken. I’m in astonishment because that means already 60 days — give or take — have passed since Grace’s visit. Wow. Looking back, this was such a fun-filled day. We […]

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