England’s Lake District: Countless Sheep and Endless Green

I’ll be the first to admit I did not know much about the Lake District prior to our visit. All I knew before we arrived was that Derek could not stop talking about how beautiful it was going to be. Ever since he had read this book, this area had been on his to-go list.

Glowing green hills. Countless sheep grazing the land. So much beautiful nature right at your fingertips. Sounded good to me.

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Mini Film: All Around London

Thank you all once again for following along on our backpacking trip. This trip has definitely been an adventure I will never, ever forget, so I am so grateful to be able to share our experiences with you. Since I just wrapped up posting about our three days in London (you can read all the posts here!) I wanted to go ahead and share the mini film Derek created for this city! This two-minute snippet is so much fun, so I hope you all enjoy!

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Roaming Around Notting Hill and Shoreditch

I had read so many good things about Notting Hill — not to mention falling in love with the movie itself — so I was extra excited to explore this lovely neighborhood during our last day in London.

Ah, so many shades of color. From pale pastels to bold and bright hues. My eyes became smitten with each new street we roamed.

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All Around London: Part II

I am super excited to be sharing even more on our time in London. In case you missed Part I, you can find it right here. With the amount of pictures we managed to snap while in this city, you’d think we were there for at least several weeks. Nope. Hard to believe it was just a mere three days. Yet, those were probably some of the busiest three days of my life. SO much walking. But, don’t worry, we treated ourselves to probably too many sweets for all of those steps, so it was allll worth it!

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All Around London Town: Part I

After saying our goodbyes to Paris, we hopped on the train so we could make our way to London. Funny story about our time in London. We had arrived thinking we had four full days. So, once we got all settled into our Airbnb, we started plotting and planning everywhere we wanted to visit in the city. Derek spent a lonnnng time drafting an email of all the places we wanted to discover during our time here. And I mean a longggg time. Like hours. That night, we went to bed super early, as we knew we had a packed four days ahead.

Except, little did we know we had planned ALL wrong.

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