Doors of Brooklyn: Thoughts on Making a Home

Home is different for everyone. Home can be a big house or a tiny apartment. Home can be a temporary location, like a vacation in the mountains, or permanent, if you are so lucky. And everyone isn’t. Home is where the heart is, as they say. But what makes a home?

I think it’s the people, not the place. Stepping over that threshold evokes a special feeling like no other, made greater by who is on the other side. And a door is there to close behind you. A door is the first and last thing you touch when making the transition between the outside world and your home. A door leaves it all behind, if you allow it. It protects. It welcomes. It keeps the world outside.

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Dear New York, I Still Love You

Dear New York,

My love for you will never fade. While it goes without saying, you were a great lover and your beauty will forever be carved in my mind. Your enchantment. Your excitement. Your incomparable energy. I will always remember.

New York, please know I’m leaving a better person than when we first met. And that’s because of you. You challenged me, on a daily basis. You taught me how to be daring. How to take risks. How to not settle. You empowered me. Because of you, I am more confident. I am more courageous. I am fearless. I am on my way to becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.

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Our Last Few Days in Brooklyn

Now that we’re back in North Carolina for two weeks before heading out on our big trip (I promise I’m going to share more details about that soon!) I wanted to share a couple of photos documenting our last few days in Brooklyn.

I thought our move would have hit me the moment we started selling a lot of our furniture a few weeks back. Nope, didn’t happen. That process just felt liberating. But, then again, I am one who loves a good purge.

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Super Exciting News…We’re Moving!

Well, as you can see from the title of the post, we’re moving!! I’ve kept this secret bottled up inside for way too long, so you have no idea how good it feels to share it all with you. Ah! I seriously feel like I’ve floated to cloud nine now that the cat’s out of the bag.

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Mom in The City: Part V

Not too many days ago, my mom flew to visit us here in New York. Just as with any other visit she’s made, it’s hard to believe this one has already come and gone. Oh, but what a fun four days we had together though. We made sure not to make any plans for the weekend prior to her arrival, as we both knew no agenda meant absolutely no rushing. Looking back, that was the best decision. Four days spent in total relaxation catching up was exactly what the two of us needed.

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Living Inside a Brooklyn Snow Globe

Lately, Mother Nature has been showing us who’s boss. After several weeks of glorious bearable winter weather, she decided to switch things up. In came blizzard Jonas.

While I know snow is nothing new to New York, it always astonishes me when the city shuts down. Literally. Like mandatory-get-off-the-road shutdown!

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