Weekend Highlights


This weekend sure did feel extra lovely, and for no particular reason. Maybe it was the warmth from the golden sun shining down on us here in the Bay area. Or, maybe it was the one-too-many snoozes spent beneath our white duvet cloud? Whatever it was, these last few days were well spent. So, before […]

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Meet the DIY Expert Who Turned Her Hobby Into a Thriving Career


Life Over Lattes: Making and Creating with DIY Expert Janet Crowther The love for DIY is deeply rooted into the DNA of Janet Crowther. With both parents in the creative field, Janet developed an undying passion for handmade goods and a fond appreciation of purposeful design at a very young age. Having a huge craft […]

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Healthy Ginger Molasses Granola


Yesterday, I had a wake-up call. It all started when I began scrolling through my inbox as I sat on the bus, hoping to steer my mind away from the stop-and-go traffic we had been trapped in for the last oh, I don’t know, 20 minutes? Then, it happened. My eyes read the subject line: […]

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How One Artist Built Her Own Pop-Up Community For Creatives


Life Over Lattes: An Original Collaboration with Field of Artisans When artist Katrina Meehan left the Big Apple to return to the southern coast of her home state in Rhode Island, she was greeted with an epiphany. Her plans of selling her artwork locally suddenly came to standstill once she realized there were no real […]

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Why I Quit My Job to Pursue the Unknown


Sooo, I quit my job last Friday. Ok, I need to let you in on a bit more detail. I quit my job and I do not have another 9-to-5 job lined up. There, I said it. I know what you must be thinking. “Has she gone crazy!?” Because, let’s be honest, what I just […]

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Life Happens, Coffee Helps


Just a little sliver of motivation for this Monday morning, because you know, coffee fixes everything. Cheers to a beautiful week ahead! (photo: source)

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