What does creativity mean to you?

According to Google, this five-syllable word is “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” But what does creativity mean to you as an individual? How is this thread of originality woven throughout your everyday life?

This question is one I personally struggled with for quite some time. The thought of living a creative life always intrigued me, yet I never knew where to start because I did not think of myself as a creative person.

Little did I know we as human beings are all creative. And the most beautiful part? Creativity does not look or feel the same for any two people. Yet despite our creative differences, we are all linked together by the interconnectedness that stems from the vulnerability of living a creative life. By tapping into life’s creative impulses, we become a part of something greater than ourselves—and we become a part of a magnificent community, one in which we can all become inspired from each other.

For me, creativity comes through words and weaving together people’s stories. Words are not only an outlet for self-expression, they are also a medium for connection and growth. And in this case, words are a means for discovery and inspiration.

Do you struggle with the idea of defining creativity for yourself and what it means to live a creative life? Is there a creative endeavor you wish to embark on, and yet you don’t know where to start?

See, I have always been inspired when reading about the individuals who leaned into their creativity and have since found ways to infuse it into their everyday. It is their stories I find the most fascinating.

Then an idea hit me with kinetic force. Why not start a column to showcase these stories? Why not utilize this online platform as a medium for building a creative community? Why not build a place where people can share their thoughts, passions and works of art, all the while evoking curiosity and growth in others?

In comes Life Over Lattes.

By sharing the creative journeys from some remarkable individuals, my goal over time is to thread these narratives together into one giant collective of inspiration. Bigger than that, if you are struggling with defining creativity for yourself, I hope these stories will affirm:

You are enough. You are talented. Your story matters. And most importantly, the time to dive into your creative spirit—no matter how deep it may be buried or how ignored it may be—is now!

I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery, and I hope these stories will leave you feeling inspired, renewed, and energized. There is so much to learn from one another, so much room for connection and growth. And luckily for us, it all starts with sharing.