The Boardwalk Along the Beach in Santa Cruz


Roller coasters. Ferris wheels. Funnel cakes. And in this case, a candy-colored chairlift. Is it just me or does a boardwalk along the beach scream “summer”? Let’s see, you’ve got a thriving amusement park on one side, and then a lively beach scene on the other. Yeah, it’s a good time. And not too long […]

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That Time We Picked Strawberries on the Coast of California


A few Saturdays ago, Derek and I booked a rental car and headed down the coast. While the day turned out to be a bit foggier than we anticipated, it was still quite a refreshing city escape. Our end destination was the coastal town of Santa Cruz, yet we did carve out time for one […]

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Across the Bay at Angel Island


If you look out our kitchen window, you’ll see it. A monstrous island rising out of the water of the San Francisco Bay.  So big in fact, you won’t be able to miss it. While it appears to be secluded, after one click on Google you’ll quickly realize this island has quite a lot to offer. Abundant […]

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An Early Morning in Chinatown


Packed to the brim with color, culture, and so much charm, Chinatown is hands down the most iconic neighborhood here in San Francisco. And, with good reason. Not only is it the second largest Chinatown in all of the US — the largest being in New York City —  but it’s also the oldest in the […]

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The Best Yoga Studio in San Francisco


Ah, yoga. If you had asked me a year ago if I liked yoga, I would have greeted that question with a big ‘ol chuckle. Had I tried it? Yes, multiple times. But I never could really get into it. And, forget about finding my “center.” During those 60-minute sessions of stretching my body in […]

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Making 381 Square Feet Feel Like Home


As hard as it is for me to believe, we’ve officially been living in San Francisco for eight months now. But, I’m happy to announce that after eight months, our teeny, tiny apartment finally feels like home, and I couldn’t be more excited to give you a tour. Don’t worry; it won’t take too long, […]

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