Mini Film: 71 Days in Europe!


Last Thursday night, I was in the kitchen flipping pancake batter when Derek waltzed in with an extra big smile on his face. At first, I thought this oddly large grin was due to the fact that I was making breakfast for dinner. That, or because the sweet aroma of the weekend was starting to […]

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Where to Find California’s Most Colorful Mountain


If you’re a lover of all things color then listen up! What if I told you there is a man-made mountain located in the middle of the desert here in California? Not sure how this relates? Well, what if I said it was the state’s most colorful mountain, quite mostly the country’s, too? Yep, a mound […]

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Seven Hours in Palm Springs

You know what’s about an hour’s drive of Joshua Tree? Okay, let me give you a hint. Two words. The first starts with a P. The second word contains the name of a season. Yep, Palm Springs! Ah, Palm Springs. This place makes my heart sing happy songs. Bright colors. Retro style. And of course […]

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The Ultimate Place for Cacti Lovers

If your heart starts to flutter as much as mine does when your eyes spot anything cacti related, well then keep on scrolling because this post is for you. What is it about these prickly creatures that make our hearts melt so? Someone please tell me. Let’s be honest, it’s not like these spiky species […]

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The Sweetest Desert Oasis

I know I confessed my love for the dreamy desert area of Joshua Tree here, but I just couldn’t help but share more on the place we were fortunate enough to call home, even if it was only for two days. This one-roomed studio (with a detached out-house in the back!) was the sweetest, most […]

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A Mini Getaway to the Mojave Desert

It was 3:30 am when the wheels of our rented compact car turned left into the dirt path of a driveway. Five-hundred miles south of San Francisco and according to Google Maps, we finally made it to Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert. Unaware of our surroundings, as everything around us was the darkest of […]

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