An Epic Long Weekend in Portland, Oregon


Not too long ago, Derek and I hopped on a plane for a short hour-or-so flight to spend a long weekend in Portland. And man oh man, what an epic adventure this mini getaway turned out to be. From the delicious farm-to-table cuisine (read: food trucks everywhere) to the delightful balance of vibrant-city-life-meets-incredible-and-accessible-nature, I now […]

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Mini Film: 71 Days in Europe


Last Thursday evening, I was in the kitchen flipping pancake batter when Derek waltzed in with an extra big smile on his face. At first, I thought this oddly large grin was due to the fact that I was making breakfast for dinner. That, or because the sweet aroma of the weekend was starting to […]

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Meet the Blogger Behind America’s Most Popular Vegetarian Food Blog


Life Over Lattes: Celebrating Whole Foods With Cookie + Kate If there’s one thing we all crave, it’s to be healthy. Because, at the end of the day, what’s more important than our health, right? (How’s the saying go, “health is wealth?“) Yet what so many of us get tripped up on is assuming we […]

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4 Inspirational Books to Read Right Now


I’ve been on a major book kick lately. Ever since I attended The Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley about a month ago, I’ve had this bubbling urge of motivation to read. I mean, worse things to become addicted to, right? Oh, but can I tell you a slightly embarrassing story? OK, here it goes. […]

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The Boardwalk Along the Beach in Santa Cruz


Roller coasters. Ferris wheels. Funnel cakes. And in this case, a candy-colored chairlift. Is it just me or does a boardwalk along the beach scream “summer”? Let’s see, you’ve got a thriving amusement park on one side, and then a lively beach scene on the other. Yeah, it’s a good time. And not too long […]

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