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My name is Kathryn and you’ve officially entered into my happy place. I’m a dreamer, adventurer and storyteller on a mission to inspire others to celebrate the every day and live the most adventurous life imaginable. These days I call San Francisco home with my husband and one-too-many succulents, all of which we struggle to keep alive on a daily basis.

Years ago, I carved out this corner of the internet to use as my creative medium where I would document and share life’s latest adventures. Since then, my goal has expanded and I now utilize this space to galvanize inspiration in others, feed curiosity, and connect with all the creative & adventurous spirits out there around the globe. During your stay, I hope you will find something to ignite a new light of passion and excitement. Because let’s face it — life is too short not to celebrate the littlest of moments woven throughout the every day.

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