Mini Film: Once Upon a Time in Switzerland

I wanted to start this week off on an extra fun note by sharing the mini film Derek created of our time in Switzerland. I know I shared this snippet on Facebook about a week ago, but I thought it was only right to post it on the blog, too. Ah, Switzerland — what an amazing country! We had such an incredible time exploring both the cities and countryside. We sure did see what Swiss dreams are made of.

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Sleeping Cliffside in Switzerland

Before saying our goodbyes to Switzerland, Derek and I had one last stop to make. Unlike Zurich and Lucerne, this destination was a bit off the beaten path. It wasn’t the usual hop-on-hop-off-the-train-and-you’re-here type address we’d been used to thus far on the trip. It was a bit more complicated than that. You see, this destination was perched high above on the side of a cliff in the Swiss Alps.

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Soaking Up the Zurich Charm in Switzerland

I’m a big sucker for charm — I know, surprise, surprise. Cute and cozy just makes my heart flutter. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with Zurich so fast. This place just had charm written all over it. Narrow alleyways. A colorful old town. A serene waterfront. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll stop right there.

Zurich had this sense of sophistication to her. She seemed dainty and proper. She had a pristine personality, along with a delicate, natural beauty. She didn’t need to — nor did she try — to impress. She had it all. The snow-covered Alps in her rear-view mirror. The slow-flowing river gently slicing her down the middle. The pastry-colored pastels painting the streets was just the cherry on top to her sweetness.

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Twisting and Turning Through Switzerland on The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is arguably one of the most scenic train rides in Europe, or for that matter, the world. And after being a passenger on this four-hour voyage from Italy to Switzerland, I’d have to agree.

When we boarded the train in the small town of Tirano, Italy, we stepped foot into a narrow, panoramic train car. Derek and I had been looking forward to this ride so much, and we were both giddy with excitement, eager for the train to take off. Looking back I don’t think my eyes were quite prepared for all the beauty that was about to be bestowed on them.

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A Rainy 24 Hours in Munich

After saying our goodbyes to Switzerland, we packed up, threw on our way-too-heavy backpacks and hopped on the train to make our way east to Germany. Our time in Munich flashed before our eyes, literally. We only had about 24 hours in this city. We were eager to start exploring, but there was one tiny setback. It was cold, wet and rainy. You know, the perfect kind of weather to curl up in a fluffy duvet and binge on Netflix. I won’t lie, that idea was quite tempting and we even considered it for a split second.

I’m so happy we chose otherwise.

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The Majestic Mountains of Lucerne

Have you ever traveled somewhere that left you completely speechless? I’m talking sights so beautiful, tingles shoot up your spine. You can’t move because your mind is frozen with astonishment. You can’t speak, as your mind cannot form full sentences. You try, but all that comes out are the oohhs and the aahhs. All you can do is stop, stand and stare as you gaze around trying to mentally photograph the magic around you.

Lucerne was this type of place for me.

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