Mini Film: 71 Days in Europe

Last Thursday evening, I was in the kitchen flipping pancake batter when Derek waltzed in with an extra big smile on his face. At first, I thought this oddly large grin was due to the fact that I was making breakfast for dinner. That, or because the sweet aroma of the weekend was starting to swirl in the air.

But no.

He told me he finally found the perfect song for the video he’d been wanting to create to tell the story of our adventure backpacking across Europe last summer. And because he’d been on the hunt for this song for over a year now, this was a BIG deal. He played me the song. It was indeed perfect for the vision he had in mind. I wish you could have been here for this moment. He was so giddy and excited. I could just see the inspiration starting to seep into his veins.

So there we sat, listening to the song on repeat as we chowed down on pancakes smothered in maple syrup, reminiscing about those 71 days. And I bet you can imagine what he spent his time on last weekend.

You guessed it: the mini film below.

I really don’t know how he did it. How in the world did he manage to squeeze 10 weeks’ worth of memories into four fast minutes? Magic, I tell you. And yet, somehow I can’t stop watching. Over and over. I can’t help it  — it just makes me happy. So if you have four minutes to spare — or simply want to see me twirling around one-too-many times — check it out…

And if you happen to be interested in reading more about our trip, you can find those posts here. And here are more mini films…and yes, more twirling is involved in these, too.

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