A Few Random Weekend Highlights


This weekend sure did feel extra lovely. Maybe it was the warmth from the golden sun shining down on us here around the Bay. Or maybe it was the one-too-many snoozes spent beneath our white duvet cloud? Whatever it was, these last few days were well spent.

So before the weekend curtain officially falls and our minds switch gears to the upcoming workweek, let’s think back on some of the highlights from the past two days, shall we? Here’s mine:

Weekend Highlights

– making my way back to Potrero Hill and finally eating a slice from Goat Hill Pizza

– taking time to read a book in a coffee shop, without my phone or laptop around

– roaming around and exploring the streets of Chinatown

– taking time to practice calligraphy

– watching the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge

Ah, slow weekends make my soul so happy. And this one was the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. I hope you enjoyed these last two days as much as I did.

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead!

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