100 Days of Calligraphy + How You Can Join This Creative Challenge!

Want to know what I’ll be doing over the next 100 days? Oh, you know — practicing calligraphy. “Well, that’s random,” you might be thinking. Okay, let me back it on up to let you in on all the pretty details…

Have you ever heard of “The 100 Day Project?” Originally conceived by Michael Bierut, a graduate teacher at Yale University, the premise of this project was simple: for each one of his students to freely choose one action and repeat it for 100 days. What the students chose didn’t matter. What mattered was their consistency and dedication.

After becoming inspired by this idea in 2014, Elle Luna, a SF-based artist, writer and designer, decided to relaunch the project on social media encouraging participants to tag images using the hashtag #the100dayproject. As you can imagine, once people got wind of this new door to creative freedom, it quickly became a contagious internet sensation.

And with good reason. Because when you think about it, the options are endless.

100 Day Project

It wasn’t too long ago that I stumbled across this challenge — and yes, my curiosity was sparked after seeing the hashtag on Instagram. This took place right before my seven-week calligraphy class came to an end. As much as I had enjoyed learning more about this beautiful form of lettering, I regrettably had not taken enough time to practice my own skills during the course. And like so many other things in life, time had been my biggest constraint.

Then one night it happened. Right before I was about to pull myself out of the rabbit hole of Instagram scrolling, my eyes became fixated on this hashtag. Just like that the light-bulb went off — this was my second chance. I had just finished learning the basic of calligraphy, but now it was up to me to put in the time. Because like we all know, skills aren’t developed overnight, although that would be pretty awesome 😉

So here I am, already one week down.

While I still have a long way to go (92 more days…) and a whole lot more to learn and improve on, I must admit, it sure does feel good to finally commit. Sure, there have been nights during this past workweek in which the last thing I wanted to do was dip that nib in blank ink, but once I got over the hump of setting everything up, the rest of the process was quite tranquil.

One of my favorite parts about calligraphy is how it requires your full attention — at least for me — meaning my mind doesn’t wander. It stays put in the present moment focusing on each letter at hand, which is such a refreshing change.

100 Days of Calligraphy - Week One

When I thought about starting this challenge, I knew instantly I’d want to document this journey on the blog. Not only to hold myself accountable to commit all the way through until the end, but also in hopes of inspiring you to try something new. I mean, just look at the pictures below and you’ll see my skills are far from perfect.

Let’s just say I don’t think anyone will be calling me for wedding invitations any time soon.

But to me, this process is all about embracing the imperfections. Whether it’s an ink splatter, a crooked line or even a misspelled word (yep, that’s happened more than once) I forge on.

100 Days of Calligraphy - Week One

100 Days of Calligraphy - Week One

100 Days of Calligraphy - Week One

100 Days of Calligraphy - Week One

While day 100 sure does seem a bit out of reach from where I’m standing now, I cannot wait to document my progression throughout the upcoming weeks and share them with you.

100 Days of Calligraphy Week One

So I must ask:

What could you do with 100 days of making?

Is there a something you’ve been wanting to learn? Or do? Or see? PLEASE (!!) jump on this creative bandwagon and join the journey with me — Choose whatever you want!

The best part?

There are no rules. No set times you must practice. No boundaries on what to create. Just you and the open road to your own creative process.

100 Day Project


When you think about it, we’ve got nothing to lose. And yet, so much to gain!

100 Day Project

Let’s get creative together. What do you say, will you join me?!

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