The Sweetest Desert Oasis

I know I confessed my love for the dreamy desert area of Joshua Tree here, but I just couldn’t help but share more on the place we were fortunate enough to call home, even if it was only for two days. This one-roomed studio (with a detached out-house in the back!) was the sweetest, most magical little bungalow I could have ever hoped for our mini getaway. From the extra wide window carved out on the side to let in the most glorious sunlight in the morning, to the tiny wood-stove tucked in the corner to make for extra cozy vibes at night, this space echoed charm. You have no idea how hard it was for us to leave!

Ah, that front porch. So much of our time was spent on that front porch. Come to think of it, I could live on that front porch.

We snuggled up beside one another on the thick wooden bench to take in the spectacular sunrise in the morning, as well as gaze high above to the sky littered with stars at night. Such a peaceful place.

My heart melted when my eyes met that retro sink. I mean, come on. How awesome is that?! I sure do hate washing dishes, but if I had that sink, I’d take on dishes any day.

Hello again front porch. The perfect place for morning coffee.

See what I mean about cozy vibes?!

Enveloped by Joshua trees, cacti and the crisp, clean air, I couldn’t have imagined a more enchanting place for a desert oasis. Another Airbnb in the books!

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