San Francisco Lately

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having an extra lovely weekend. Funny how I’m writing a San Francisco Lately post and yet we’re not currently in the area. We wanted to take advantage of the extra-long holiday weekend, so Derek and I embarked on another city escape.

Except this time we headed down south to the Mojave Desert. Don’t worry; I’ll be sharing way more of this southern excursion soon. But for now, here are a few snippets of what’s been happening in San Francisco lately.

I’ve lost track of how many times it has rained poured since we made the move out west to San Francisco. For all the people that say it doesn’t rain in this sunshine state, well those guys are wrong!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered if we actually moved to Seattle and people are just calling this place San Francisco. It sure does look like San Francisco, but geesh, so much rain.

On the contrary, I heard that Northern California is finally out of its drought. So, that’s good news.

Another pro to all the gusty winds of precipitation lately is how much it has affected the local vegetation. You should see all the colors at the farmers markets. So vivid and bright!

Last Sunday, Mother Nature granted us with a beautiful day filled with warm sun and clear skies so we soaked up as many rays as we could.

Strolling past all the vendors at the farmers market and sampling all the fresh goodies made me so excited for spring. By the looks of the fresh flowers, fruits and veggies, I’d like to believe the season is right around the corner.

After fueling up for the leisurely day ahead, we spent a good chunk of time spread out on a picnic blanket with the sun kissing our cheeks. That, on top of snacking on some of the best homemade ciabatta bread ever from the MIDWIFE + the BAKER made for an extra relaxing afternoon.

Some of my favorite times exploring this city thus far have been when we have no agenda but to meander aimlessly up and down the hilly streets. No matter how many historical Victorian homes we’ve come across, nothing makes my heart melt faster than when we stumbled upon a bright and cheerful one.

My obsession with all things stationary continues. No lie, my happy place in this city is at the cutest card shop located near our apartment. Every time we walk past it, I have to go in.

And I’m talking in the sense where my brain doesn’t even have to tell my feet to turn and walk through the threshold. They just know. And every time I enter into this lovely space, I cannot help but smile. It’s true. I have a mad addiction.

As much as I love pretty much every single card the artist designs at this particular shop, the one below really resonated with me. With all the negative vibes that have been taking over the news lately and creeping into the every day this card was a beautiful reminder that we all must continue to love. We all must continue to lift each other up and stand strong. Most importantly, we all must continue to celebrate diversity.

Love you friends.

Not too long ago, we finally made our way over to the Presidio to take a stroll through the Lovers’ Lane trail. If you’re a nature lover, outdoors lover or art lover, go here. The enchanting and picturesque “Wood Line” (pictured below) is certainly one of the city’s hidden gems.

On a random note, mint in coffee is delicious. Totally unexpected and yet so refreshing. Try it. You’ll see.

On an extra random note, are you a donut lover? If so, you need to get over to Bob’s Donuts asap. Not only does this legendary bakery crank out some mouth-watering-sugar-coma-inducing donuts, but they also bake a few donuts that are THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD.

Yes, you read that right; just look below.

If you’re a up-for-any-kind-of-challenge type person, I dare you to take the Bob’s Challenge. Pretty much, you have to eat this entire donut in less than three minutes. If you do, you get a refund AND your picture goes up on the Bob’s Hall of Fame wall. Sound enticing?!

And if donuts aren’t really your thing, still get your butt over to Bob’s. Anything sugar related, this shop has it. Apple fritters, cinnamon buns, chocolate eclairs I could go on and on but I won’t because I’m making myself hungry.

Wrapping this post with a snapshot of downtown because it sure is a beaut.

Can you spot the thin sliver of a rainbow!?

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead, everyone!

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