An Early Morning Snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe

Although we were only in Lake Tahoe for roughly 48 hours, our trip wouldn’t have been complete with a little snowshoeing. Lucky for us, we met the nicest man when we were picking up our snowshoes who let us in on one of the best kept secret spots in all of Tahoe’s backyard.

As soon as we arrived, laced up and strapped in, it was clear this was the path less traveled.

Surrounded by nothing but soaring sugar pines and a fresh blanket of the whitest snow, we had transported ourselves into the land of peace and solitude.  And it was wonderful.

Something about that crisp mountain air tasted so good. I’d breathe in. I’d breathe out. And suddenly, whatever nonsense stress fogging my mind somehow subsided. It was pure magic.

Blissfulness at its best. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful way to end our quick weekend getaway. If you want to read more on this city escape, click here.

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