An Epic 48 Hours in Lake Tahoe

Hello. How’s life treating you these days? I hope well. Me, well, I’m sitting here smiling. One reason is because my belly is all warm and full from just having devoured a huge bowl of this delicious quinoa vegetable soup. Don’t you just love a good hearty soup on a rainy day?

It really does do wonders, doesn’t it?! While my never-really-reliable weather app didn’t predict any precipitation for today’s forecast, somehow Derek and I got drenched on our morning run. Hmm, clear skies? I think not. Since then we both had been craving a soup, and this one hit the spot.

Another reason I can’t help but grin as I sit here at our kitchen table with a candle flickering by my side is because memories from our recent city escape to Lake Tahoe keep flooding my mind.

What an overwhelmingly beautiful and special place. Want to hear a funny story? This was our third go-round trying to visit.

Originally, we were supposed to head up to this area over the long weekend of MLK Day. Yet a week before our trip Derek noticed he had accidentally booked our Airbnb and car rental for the following weekend. Poor thing. He had been looking forward to this trip for so long.

Then, the next weekend there was blizzard taking place, so we were advised to put our plans on hold until the following weekend.

Ah! But, third time’s a charm, right?

Turns out, in this case it was. We were gifted with two beautifully sunny days. And since there had just been a crazy blizzard the weekend before, there was still plenty of snow to play around in and enjoy.

So yes, our trip to Lake Tahoe was certainly worth the what seemed like forever wait.

First detour on our 48-hour escapade was stopping in the magical mountain town of Truckee. There, we were greeted by charming shops, local restaurants and a whole lot of snow.

After restocking our stash of road-trip snacks, we continued on our journey to the lake. And before we knew it, we had arrived.

We were expecting Lake Tahoe to be beautiful, but I don’t think we were expecting it to be this beautiful. A sapphire-blue lake shimmering in the heart of surrounding snow-capped peaks. It was as if we had entered a breathtaking, icy-white, winter wonderland.

All I kept asking myself was is this what it’s like to live in a snow globe? Because if so, I never want to leave.

Turns out, Lake Tahoe is the epitome of having a split personality. Since it straddles the state line between California and Nevada, a large portion of visitors come to this area and head straight to the Nevada side for the lure of jackpot wins at all the glittering casinos.

Yet, others us included prefer the slice of serenity the California side offers. You know, all the outdoorsy stuff. Not to mention the mesmerizing perfume of the crisp mountain air.

My mind instantly hit the reset button as soon as we saw the lake, and it was wonderful. I’m telling you, this place is just good for the soul. No matter the level of stress that might be simmering in your veins, somehow it all melts away the moment you breathe in this fresh air. It’s magic.

Oh, and can I confess something? I have never really understood what people meant when they’d talk on and on about “walls” of snow. That is, until now.

After this particular weekend, I now know and understand completely as there were literally walls of snow lining both sides of the road. Derek and I were flabbergasted by the amount of snow.

In all my 26 years, I have never seen this much snow.

But I kind of loved it. Would I love it if I lived all my days in this kind of winter wonderland? That, I’m not so sure. Yet for these 48 hours, I was definitely digging this snow-globe feel and all the cozy vibes that went along with it.

See the little “casa de tiny” below? That was our home for the weekend. A sweet baby cabin covered in a blanket of snow.

So. Much. Snow.

Even though our trip only lasted around 48 hours, it was one of the best mellow weekends I could have asked for. Low-key. No agenda. And just enough spontaneity.

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