A City Escape to Hawk Hill & Black Sand Beach

So, I think Derek and I might have developed a new obsession.

If you’ve been following along with the last couple of posts you’ve probably recognized a pattern. Do the two words “Marin Headlands” ring a bell?

We are obsessed with this area. But, can you blame us? These headlands offer such sweeping views of both the city and the bay. Not to mention, getting to this area couldn’t be easier. Just a simple drive over the bridge and then BAM you’ve arrived.

We were first introduced to this area when we escaped from the city for my birthday and explored Battery Spencer and Kirby Cove during our adventure to Point Reyes. Then, there was that time we drove along the headlands to the glorious Point Bonita Lighthouse.

The latest Marin Headlands excursion? Making our way to Hawk Hill and discovering Black Sand Beach.

Hawk Hill is a very special place.

This 923-foot peak serves as the perfect human perch to take in and embrace all the surrounding beauty. Let’s see, there is the Golden Gate Bridge practically at your fingertips. The city skyline looks extra mystical from this point as you can just barely see the tips of the skyscrapers peaking from the fog.

And if you look to your right, there you’ll find the Pacific colliding with the bay. It is all truly magnificent.

It wasn’t until we visited this “hill” that the name became extremely apparent. As we stood, hypnotized by what was in front of our eyes, countless hawks traced in circles above the headlands.

I guess they, too, can’t get enough of this wide-screen, panoramic view.

After snapping out of our own hypnosis, we stumbled across a trail sign to Black Sand Beach.

Of course, we had to check this place out. So, we followed the trail which was a little more intense than we had anticipated but totally worth the climb and then, there it was: Black Sand Beach.

Aka our very own sliver of paradise.

Turns out this beach is a gorgeous one-mile stretch of sparkling black sand…hence the name. Because we arrived super early, we had this secluded shoreline all to ourselves.

How had we never heard of this place? Just another reason I love the Marin Headlands.

Let the obsession continue, I guess, as well as all the discoveries.

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