Exploring Point Bonita Lighthouse

Have you ever heard of the Point Bonita Lighthouse? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. It was only a few weeks ago that I learned about this secret jewel of the Bay Area. But let me just say, this beauty is definitely a sight to see. It is the perfect place if you are seeking some mighty breathtaking views of the Pacific, the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hawk Hill, Battery Spencer…the list goes on and on.

Last weekend, we once again made our way over the bridge to explore more of the Marin Headlands. I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful the terrain is on this hilly peninsula. We certainly cannot get enough of this area. And while no mini-cooper was included in this excursion like last time, it was still such a fun day.

You see that teeny-tiny figurine-looking-thing on the left side of the picture below? That’s the Point Bonita Lighthouse!

We zigzagged our way down a narrow, one-way road, taking in the mesmerizing coastline on our left. Before we knew it, we had arrived at the tip of the peninsula.

The journey to the lighthouse was not quite over just yet. While we could see glimpses of this crown jewel, we had to hike down the 1/2 mile dirt path and pass through the rock tunnel before we could fully take in all her glorious beauty.

And then, vualá!

There she was, situated on the rock formation, looking even more radiant than I had pictured in my mind.

Want to know a fun fact?! This lighthouse was built in 1855 and helped shepherd ships navigate through the treacherous Golden Gate waters. It is still active today, and maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard.

My favorite part of the lighthouse was of course the suspension bridge connecting the walking trail to the lighthouse itself. Afraid of heights? Well, you might not want to look down. If so, you’ll see the crashing waves and lots and lots of rugged rocks.

Personally, I love the adrenaline rush that comes with these types of bridges. Something about them always makes me want to jump up and down to make them sway from side to side. Derek hates that…(HA!)

However, have no fear because this particular bridge was rebuilt in 2012 so it’s completely sturdy and safe.

Be warned, you might become so hypnotized by the lighthouse itself that you forget to take in all the dazzling views surrounding it. This was almost the case for us, so I urge you to not let this happen! From the Golden Gate Bridge to your left to the mouth of the Pacific to your right, there is just so much to absorb.

And, if all this exploring works up an appetite, then you’re in luck! There is a picnic area located off the road when you’re ready to make your way back towards the headlands. As you can see from below, I don’t think anyone could even ask for a more delightful backdrop!

Ah, Point Bonita. The perfect kind of day-trip, if you ask me. Fresh air. Charming views. Peace & quiet. Have I convinced you yet!? Go, go, go!

If you’re ever in the Marin Headlands area, don’t forget to check out Battery Spencer and Kirby Cove!

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