Biking Over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

So I’m currently sitting here scratching my head wondering how in the world it’s even possible that two months have passed since the day these photos were taken. I’m in astonishment because that means already 60 days give or take have passed since Grace’s visit. Wow.

Looking back, this was such a fun-filled day. We woke up extra early, ate pancakes for breakfast, rented bikes, and made our way over the bridge to Sausalito. It was the perfect ending to my little sister’s visit.


Renting bikes is by far one of the best ways to discover this charming city. For starters, you can cover so much more ground than by foot.

My one piece of advice when renting bikes in the city: don’t venture too far away from the bay or else you’ll  come across some MAJOR incline with all the steep hills that are woven throughout the streets.


We started out at the edge of Fisherman’s Wharf and then made our way through Fort Mason and down past Marina Boulevard. I now know why this is one of the more popular bike routes, as it allows riders to pass by quite a few city attractions, such as the beautiful and iconic Palace of Fine Arts.


We then continued our journey along the stunning waterfront. Despite the fact that there was a chill in the air and we were certainly bundled up people were still out there splashing around in the water.



Next up, we made our way past the picturesque Chrissy Field. What a beautiful area.

Although we were still stuffed from breakfast, I couldn’t help but smile as I envisioned all the fun times ahead picnicking here in the coming months. With the city skyline to the right, and the Golden Gate Bridge to the left, I don’t think I could even imagine a more epic backdrop.





Up, across and over. We finally had arrived in Sausalito.


Ah, the lovely Sausalito. It’s no wonder why this waterfront area is such a hot-spot.

Chic restaurants along the water. Art galleries and boutiques galore. While these types of attractions aren’t really my cup of tea, I sure did enjoy taking in all the colorful houses tucked and stacked along the seaside hills.




This side of the bay seemed so quiet and quaint, you’d think you had entered another world.

The vibes were so infectious. Such a laid-back ambiance.



Oh, and the floating homes. Talk about the true definition of “life on the water.” How could you not fall in love!?


So the next time you’re in the Bay Area, want an adventure, and have some time to kill, I highly recommend making the ride over the bridge to explore Sausalito. It is perfect for a day trip, not to mention a mini getaway.

The best part: you can hop on the ferry, enjoy the sunset on the water, and be back in the city within 30 minutes.


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