Swinging From Kirby Cove and a Lovely Birthday Surprise

So, first things first: how is it already the middle of January?! Is anyone else as shocked as I am? I mean, weren’t we just celebrating New Year’s like a second ago? We blink and then poof. Times flies. This year better slow down.

Okay, back to this blog post. I’ve been meaning to share this batch of photos with you for weeks. I can’t help but smile whenever I scroll through these, because I’m reminded of how wonderful this day was. See, these memories took place on my birthday last month.

As soon as I woke up that morning, Derek greeted me with a card. The envelope read, “Don’t open me until 7:45 am.” I don’t think I could have been more confused. I’ll be honest, I remember expecting maybe breakfast in bed because of all the ruckus he was making in the kitchen. That, and the fact that he has a track record of making breakfast in bed. Yet, I had no idea for the surprise he had in store.

He must have noticed my confusion, as he said, “Get dressed, we have somewhere to be!”

Once the clock had finally struck 7:45 I ripped open the top corner of the envelope. The level of anticipation flooding my veins was so high I could hardly focus enough to read the card. Somehow, I forced myself to concentrate and make out the words “mini cooper” + “road trip.”

At this point, I was smiling so big my face hurt. For starters, a mini cooper is our California dream car. So to be able to rent one for the day and zip around cruising up the coast seemed like a dream come true.

Our first stop: Battery Spencer.


Perched on a bluff top of the Marin Headlands, Battery Spencer is the ultimate sight for sore eyes. I mean, if you’re not moved when taking in this breathtaking panoramic view, pinch yourself to make sure you’re still alive.

And if you are in the Bay area and have not made your way over the bridge to this hilltop, do yourself a favor and go ASAP.


This instantly became my favorite view of the city. It felt like you could just reach your fingertips out and grab the Golden Gate Bridge. It was that close, not to mention it came with stunning views of the city skyline.





Next up, we followed the winding path to make our way down to Kirby Cove.


See, let me give you a little backstory. Ever since Derek and I first talked about moving out west to San Francisco, I immediately began cultivating a bucket list. And, you want to know what was one of the first things on the list?


Swinging from the rope swing at Kirby Cove…


I’m not quite sure how one rope swing can bring forth so much happiness into the world, but it certainly did for me.

I even convinced Derek to take a turn, and I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it, too.


Ah, life’s simply pleasures.



So yes this day officially marked our first city escape. And I cannot wait to share even more of this day with you, because these two stops were just the beginning.

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