2016: The Year of Adventure

Ah, 2016. What a beautiful and surreal 365 days.

I will always remember 2016 as being the “Year of Adventure.” Saying goodbye to our life in New York City. Spending 71 days backpacking across Europe. Moving cross country. And finally, saying hello to our new home: San Francisco.

This past year was full of adventure. But it was also packed to the brim with a lot of risk-taking. And a lot of uncertainty. For all of you who know me, you know uncertainty is not really my strong suit. Yet instead of drowning in a sea of “what-ifs” from all the unknowns, I intertwined my hand in Derek’s and we took the leap of faith, together.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

This past year was a special one indeed. It was jam-packed with a lot of traveling, a lot of adventures, a lot of growth and a whole lot of love. I feel so blessed to have experienced such a wonderful year with such wonderful people. As I say my final farewell to one of the best years of my life, I can’t help but smile looking forward to another year ahead.

You sure do have big shoes to fill, 2017. But, I have a feeling you’re going to be a good one.

I hope the next 365 days are filled with peace, happiness and love for you. Thank you once again for always following along. Cheers to the new year!

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