San Francisco Lately

Well you guys, we are down to the wire for 2016. Here we are on December 3rd with only 28 days left in the year. Do you find this as shocking as I do?! I’ve been trying to spend some time mentally plotting and planning for some new year’s resolutions. I’m trying not to go too crazy with my list, as I’ve found the longer the list, the shorter amount of time I actually stick to the list. “Be realistic, Kathryn,” I keep reminding myself.

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The Tastiest Pastry in San Francisco

You know, I am far from being the world’s most patient person. Yet, I’ve been known to wait in lines. Lines for brunch. Lines for cookies. Lines for crazy, explosive milkshakes. Oh, and let’s not forget about that time I persuaded Derek to wait in that never-ending line for cronuts with me. Hmm, does anyone else recognize this pattern here? Yep, I sense it, too. I’ve pretty much confessed I will stand in line and happily wait…for food.

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A Paper Marbling Class with Oh Happy Day

I’m always on the hunt for finding a new hobby. Especially if it’s a creative one. Calligraphy. Letterpress. Anything having to do with stationary, I AM IN! So, when I came across one of my favorite bloggers, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day!, was hosting a paper marbling class, I don’t think a second passed before signing up.

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A Delicious, Food-Truck-Filled Afternoon at Off The Grid

Have you ever heard of Off the Grid? It’s pretty much the idea of bringing people together through shared food. Pretty much the best idea EVER.

Food. Music. Fun.

And who doesn’t love those three things!?

Luckily for us, Derek and I had heard about Off the Grid right before it ended for the year. Ah, to think about how sad my tastebuds would have been if we’d missed the food-trucks and would have had to wait until the spring of 2017!!

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Potrero Hill: The Captivating Village on Top of the City

Perched way up high on the southeast side of the city lies Potrero Hill. Filled with laid-back locals, cozy coffee shops, and stunning views of a perfectly framed downtown skyline, there is no wonder why this neighborhood is so beloved. Oh, and how could I forget to mention these streets are home to some of the best breweries in San Francisco — cough, cough, Anchor Steam!

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A Few Random Snippets from the Weekend

These days, I’m quickly learning the best kind of weekend is the kind where there are no plans whatsoever. No agenda. You’re just free to roam. Free to see, eat and do whatever suits your fancy. Because we’re still brand new to this city — and given the fact we live in a teeny-tiny space — you can almost always find Derek and me out and about discovering all the different neighborhoods that make up this wonderful city. We haven’t been able to explore them all yet, but one by one, we’re making our way down the list.

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