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Hello, friends!

How have you all been? I hope life has been kind to you these last couple of weeks. Anyone else counting down to Christmas? Who am I kidding – aren’t we all?! Derek and I will be flying back to the east coast for a week, and we’re both super excited. It’s now been four months since either of us were on North Carolina soil. It’s about time to slow down and press pause on time — well, as best as we can — so we can soak up all the days we’ll have with our loved ones.

Below are some snippets of what’s been happening over here in San Francisco lately…


I don’t think we’ll ever get over the color in this city. I know I’ve said it before but colored buildings just make everything better. And luckily for us, San Francisco is basically its own color wheel. Any shade you can imagine, you’ll most likely find it down an alleyway.

You’ve just got to remember to look!


What is it about brunch places in San Francisco and lines? It’s like every place we’ve read about has a warning about lines out the door. Case in point below. I certainly have been known to wait in line for food, but a two-hour wait is a tad bit ridiculous, don’t you think?!

I think I’ll just settle for making my own breakfast platter.


Ah, but these veggie dumplings from Happy Dumplings are worth waiting for. Luckily, the line is usually just like 15 minutes at the Fort Mason Farmers Market we go to every Sunday.


Okay, so funny story.

Tucked away off the streets of Dolores Heights is a mini park. Now, this isn’t just your typical park.

1 – It’s kind of secret.

2 – There are steep concrete slides you can race down!

Talk about the ultimate hidden gem.

Tip: you’ll go extra fast sitting on a piece of cardboard! Just remember to wear sturdy pants!



Lately, I’ve been falling in love with so many aspects of this city.

For starters, the exploding bougainvillea you see on almost every street. So bright and vibrant.


So many of the homes here are calling my name. Sweet-looking cottages, if you will.

Well, very expensive sweet-looking cottages. But still, a girl can dream.


I’m especially loving all of the diverse vegetation spanning the city streets. Just check out that funky-yet-awesome tree below. How eclectic!?


And of course, like I mentioned above, all the colors. From buildings to plants and flowers, all the colors fill my heart with so much happiness.



Oh, and exciting news: we finally went shopping for our Christmas tree.


This year’s is a bit smaller than our tree last year in Brooklyn, but I think we found the perfect one.


Happy Holidays, friends!

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