Hiking to the Highest Point in San Francisco: Mount Davidson

It’s no secret San Francisco is known for its high points. Encompassed with steep hills, peaks and summits, this is the city to roam if you’re on a quest for some solid glutes.

Yet, ever wonder where the highest point in the city is?


With an elevation of 928 feet, turns out it’s at the top of Mount Davidson.


Ever since we moved to the city back in August, this peak has been on my radar to explore. So, when Grace came to visit us over Thanksgiving, I know this would be the perfect time to make this hike.


And all the articles I had read were right: Mount Davidson has one incredible view of the city skyline, as well as the bay.



Luckily for us, this particular day was super sunny. There was not a puff of fog in sight, which made for a stunning view of all the life taking place down below.


However, our favorite part of this excursion was the hike itself.

Making our way through the vegetated forest felt as though we had escaped from the city hustle. And yet, this peaceful path is in the heart of the concrete jungle.


Lush forests. Beautiful wild flowers popping up along the beaten trail. Birds chirping happily. If you’re searching for a place to clear your head and simply get back to nature, this is the perfect spot.



The best part about Mount Davidson being smack in the middle of the city: it’s extremely easy to access. Just hop on the bus and start your own adventure. Did I mention it’s free!?

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