The Most Peaceful Place in San Francisco: Fort Funston


About two weeks ago, we found serenity at its finest.

Known by the name of Fort Funston, this tranquil spot has curative powers. And believe it or not, it is actually located in city limits, which means it is totally accessible by public transportation. For car-less people like us, this place is a total win and has officially earned its way to the top of my “I Heart San Francisco” list.


If you’ve never been to Fort Funston, I urge you to make this a top priority next time you’re in the city.

And if you happen to live in San Francisco and have never been to this slice of heaven, shame on you! Just kidding. But seriously. Get out and explore this area. You’ll immediately understand my infatuation.


Remember how I mentioned this place has curative powers? It does, really. This spot along the coast hold the key to unlocking all of your senses.


Picture this:

200-foot high sand bluffs soaring high above the sandy beaches. Plump dark-green ice plants clinging to the side of jagged cliffs. A calm and gentle blue sea spanning the coast. The warmest earth tones you can ever imagine.

Your eyes won’t even know where to look first.

My advice: stand still and simply stare. Stare all around and take in this beautifully painted mosaic around you.


Then, breathe.

Take a deep breath in. Smell the crisp, fresh air. Taste the sea salt rising from the frigid waters down below.


Next up, listen.

Take in the rhythmic pulse of the calm waves kindling its own sweet symphony. If you listen and I mean really listen long enough I bet you’ll find the murmuring of the breaking waves to be hypnotic.


Lastly, take your shoes off and just feel the chilled sand curled under your toes. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but there is something about this feeling that has always been rejuvenating for me. It’s as if my brain senses sand and suddenly serenity floods through my veins.



On a side note, if you know of any water-loving canines, do them all a favor and bring them here. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a larger pack of happy dogs. Running. Barking. Smiling with their tiny, crooked teeth. They looked so happy to be alive.

The best part: leashes aren’t required.


Fortunately, the coastline spans for miles upon miles so you can walk as far as you desire.



I’m telling you, this place is just good for the soul, not to mention, it’s FREE.



Are you convinced yet?! Come, check this place out. It really is the most peaceful place in San Francisco.

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