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Well you guys, we are down to the wire for 2016. Here we are on the third of December with only 28 days left in the year. Do you find this as shocking as I do?

I’ve been trying to spend some time mentally plotting and planning for some new year’s resolutions. I’m trying not to go too crazy with my list, as I’ve found the longer the list, the shorter amount of time I actually stick to the list. I keep reminding myself to be realistic.

On another note, I hope life has been treating you all well and that all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving. This was the first time in the past four years where Derek and I didn’t travel during the holiday, and man, I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it felt to just stay put.

As much as we missed being back on the east coast with our friends and family, this first Thanksgiving turned out to be an extra special one. Luckily for us, my little sister, Grace, flew out to visit. As teeny-tiny as our apartment is we only have enough room to bring out a twin air-mattress for visitors (!)  it sure did feel extra cozy having this sweet face from home with us.

She was here for an entire week, which was the perfect amount of time, as we never felt rushed. In our natural manner, we jam-packed each day with places to see and explore, yet the days still had a leisure feel to them. We managed to check off a bunch of items on our San Francisco Bucket List, which I’m excited to share more of our adventures with you soon.

But for now, here’s a snippet of what’s been going on in life lately, if you’re interested.


We had originally planned to have “linner” type Thanksgiving a late lunch/early dinner yet when we woke up to a beautiful sunny day, we knew we had to take advantage of the nice weather and get out to explore some of the city.

After all getting showered and ready, we headed out and didn’t return until dark. It’s OK though it was the perfect day to explore, as so many people had left the city for the holiday weekend so we practically had the streets to ourselves.

We spent the night laughing around our small Ikea table and sipping on good ‘ol Trader Joe’s wine as we each reflected on all our many blessings in life. Despite how full we were from the hearty dinner, we somehow found a corner in our stomachs that still had room for cake.



The next day we introduced Grace to some of the steep concrete hills that make up San Francisco. I don’t think you can ever really feel guilty for any sweets you devour after walking up these slopes.

Such an intense glutes workout.



Ah, and there it is: my all-time favorite building in all of San Francisco below. Every day I see this historic green beauty out of the corner of my eye from the bus window as I make my way downtown for work.

And every day, her beauty never gets old.

I can only imagine all she’s witnessed over the years. The people that have come and gone. The city constantly evolving. The skyscrapers rising around her. And yet, she is still in my eyes the star of the show.


The remainder of the day was spent strolling the streets, casually popping in and out of stores that sparked our attention. Per the usual, Derek stumbled across several bookstores that caught his eye.

That boy, I’ve never met someone that loves bookstores as much as he does. No matter if the shop has the exact same selection as the one up the street, he’ll scope the shelves for at least a good 20 minutes. Yet each time I try to be as patient as possible, as these really are his happy places and I can’t help but find it so precious.


Chinatown was right around the corner, so we zig-zagged our way through these streets taking in all the bright colors.


This pocket of the city is such an amazing place to visit, as it is full of heritage and tradition. Not to mention it’s such a satisfying place to just take a break and people watch.


In Hayes Valley, we pretty much found heaven.


This colorful and cheery pastry shop is the epitome of a little kid’s dream. And mine, too. The pale pink walls. All the individual candies perfectly wrapped. The impeccably frosted cakes lining the glass window at the counter; I could practically smell the sugar.

Move over Willy Wonka; Miette Pattisserie is where it’s at.


You’d think we would have hit our sugar limit after getting our candy fix at the pastry shop.

No, not quite yet.

This sweet binge continued once we entered the threshold of Mitsu Teahouse.


See, bubble tea is good. But bubble tea with a fluffy cloud of cotton-candy on top is even better.

Can someone please tell me who comes up with these crazy concepts?! And yet somehow I’m a sucker for all of them cronuts, cruffins, and now cotton-candy bubble tea, etc.


Yes, it definitely was a good day for our taste buds. Just maybe not a great day for our hips. At least this is where the rolling hills of the city play in my favor.


Looking forward to sharing more from Grace’s visit in San Francisco with you all soon.

Cheers, everyone!

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