The Tastiest Pastry in San Francisco

I’ll admit: I am far from being the world’s most patient person. Yet I’ve been known to wait in lines. Lines for brunch. Lines for cookies. Lines for crazy, explosive milkshakes. Oh, and let’s not forget about that time I persuaded Derek to wait in that never-ending line for cronuts with me.

Hmm, does anyone else recognize this pattern here? I sense it, too. I’ve pretty much just confessed I will stand in line and happily wait…for food.

But hey, I just can’t stand the thought of missing out on the latest pastry crazes.

So when I first stumbled upon Mr. Holmes Bakehouse on Instagram many months ago, I just knew one day I’d have to see what this ‘coo-coo for cruffins’ phase was all about.

Turns out, last Friday was the day to make it happen.


My little sister, Grace, who was visiting us for Thanksgiving had absolutely NO idea what a cruffin  aka a croissant and a muffin  even was.

Despite her lack of knowledge for this pastry hybrid, she was such a good sport about the whole thing. And of course, so was Derek. We arrived at the bakery two minutes till 8am, yet the cruffins were going to be served until 9am. And so, the waiting began.

We three were the second in line. It didn’t take long before more people starting stacking up behind us. Pretty soon the line was slithering its way down the sidewalk.

Finally, the clock struck 9am, the doors opened and there they were the cutest baby pastries ever dusted with sugar and oozing with cream.



So, was were the plump little sweet-treats worth the wait? I’d say so. I’m just not sure how Grace and Derek feel though. Oh, well!

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