A Paper Marbling Class with Oh Happy Day

I’m always on the hunt for finding a new hobby. Especially if it’s a creative one. Calligraphy. Letterpress. Anything having to do with stationary, I AM IN! So, when I came across one of my favorite bloggers, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day!, was hosting a paper marbling class, I don’t think a second passed before signing up.

I’ve been a fan of Oh Happy Day for several years now. Whatever you might be searching for — party ideas, fun DIYs, travel guides, or just a blast of color — you will most definitely find it on her site. Not to mention it’s just a feel-good blog. So much color and energy. And nine times out of ten you’ll scroll past an awesome photo of confetti. Come on, how can you not smile when you see glittery confetti?!

Anyways, back to the class. I was super excited to learn the basics of paper marbling. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tad bit excited to see her incredible work studio, too! I mean, just the other week she had this EPIC balloon installation crawling from the windows of her 2nd floor studio to celebrate the blog’s 10th birthday. How cool is that!?


(photo: Oh Happy Day!)

Unfortunately, all the balloons had been taken down by the day of the class so I wasn’t able to see this sight in person. Nor was I able to see her adorrrablllee little red car.

Oh well.

I was able to take in this fun rainbow staircase though. You know, after seeing this one I think there should be a mandated law that all staircases should be rainbow style. How can you feel anything but happiness when walking up these colors!?


Ok. Ok. Ok! Back to the class.

Ah, the class was so much fun. Natalie Stopka was the teacher and flew out all the way from NYC to teach us the basics. What a genius. She is truly a fiber arts expert and I cannot even describe the amount of inspiration she filled the room with.


The class was only three hours so we didn’t even scratch the surface of learning the ins and outs of paper marbling. However, I did leave knowing I want to continue this hobby.

It’s always so refreshing to learn a new skill, and there was something about this kind of art that really resonated with me. While there are many, many techniques that go into the more intricate patterns, I loved how much freedom I felt throughout the process. Mixing paints. Combining colors. Creating patterns. Everything felt so meditational.


The most beautiful part of paper marbling during this class was that each piece was unique. Not a single creation mirrored the next. How amazing is that?!



Ah, I love that moment when inspiration strikes. And this class was one of those moments. I’m so looking forward to learning more about this art. Paper marbling, I really like you.


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