A Colorful Wall of Gratitude


Last week at work, we celebrated Thanksgiving early. Everyone stepped away from their computers, put down their phones, pressed pause on their work brains and all gathered together to celebrate. While anxiously waiting in line for the delicious-looking feast that could be smelt from down the hall, we were each given a sticky note to write down what we were thankful for. Seems like a pretty simple concept, yet to see everyone’s sticky notes all clustered together was pretty incredible.

With Thanksgiving only days away, I’ve been trying to take a few moments each day to really digest all that I have to be thankful for — Something I really should be doing on a daily basis.

This year in particular, I have so much to be thankful for. Looking back, I still don’t know how we accomplished all that we did in the last 300-and-some days. From quitting our jobs and saying our goodbye to our bubble of comfort in New York City, to buying two backpacks and taking them all across Eastern and Western Europe, to spending countless hours job searching for new beginnings, to finally buying a one-way ticket to San Francisco and making a 380-square-foot apartment feel like home. Man, what a year. All I know for certain is none of those adventures would have happened without God by our side. With Him, all things somehow fell into place, like they always do.

On top of everything else, I am so grateful for my family, my friends, our health and our safety. Living such fast-paced lives, we get in the habit of taking all this for granted. Yet, that is the last thing I ever want to do, as I simply cannot imagine my days without these important pieces to my life’s puzzle.

My father’s voice. My mother’s laugh. My grandmother’s beautiful crows feet when she grins. My sisters’ smiles. Derek’s warm embrace. The list could go on and on and on. All of these things are what make my life whole. All of these things are what makes life so precious. These are the days, my friends. The days we’ll never get back. We must squeeze all of the juice out of each day. Squeeze as hard as we can. Relish the littlest moments, both good and bad. The sights. The smells. The touches. The sounds. The tastes. Life is so, so beautiful. And there is so much to be thankful for.

As always, thank you for reading and following along. I am so grateful!

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