A Few Random Snippets from the Weekend


Hello! I hope you had an easy-going, relaxing weekend.

These days, I’m quickly learning the best kind of weekend is the kind where there are no plans whatsoever. No agenda. Just free to roam. Free to see, eat and do whatever suits your fancy.

Because we’re still brand new to this city and given the fact we live in a teeny-tiny space you can almost always find Derek and me out and about discovering all the different neighborhoods that make up this wonderful city. We haven’t been able to explore them all yet, but one by one, we’re making our way down the list.


This past weekend was an extra fun one. We stopped into a coffee shop I had on my bucket list to try before making our way over to Corona Heights Park.


One good thing about living in a city with so many hills besides the never-ending glute workout is the breathtaking view that awaits you once you reach the top.

The overlook at Corona Heights Park was no exception. While we huffed and puffed making our way up, the view was especially worth it once we reached the peak.

There stood a picturesque, panoramic view of both the city skyline and bay. It was as if we had the city below right at our fingertips.



After making our way back down, we found a grassy patch to sit and relax for a while. I can’t even explain how refreshing it felt to sprawl out, flick our shoes off to the side, and let our toes curl up in the grass.

As the sun kissed the backs of our necks, we laid still leisurely reading just letting time tick by.


On the way home, we did manage to stumble across an ice-cream shop that served homemade ice-cream sandwiches. Hmm,nothing like coffee ice-cream squished between one ginger and one butterscotch cookie and then topped with sprinkles. Such a good find.


And there you have it: another weekend in the books. Cheers to a wonderful week ahead!


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