That Moment We Stumbled Upon Nude Beaches in San Francisco


Nude beaches? I bet that title caught your attention, huh?!

Well, stay with me for a couple of minutes, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

The more and more we explore the ins and outs of this city, the more San Francisco is carving a special place in my heart. The rolling concrete hills. The classic cable cars. The oh-so grand Victorian homes with the most beautiful architectural details. And don’t even get me started on the delicious sourdough bread.

Yes, I had to give up the incomparable New York bagels, but at least I could trade those in for San Francisco’s sourdough.

Okay, on a non-carb note, we’re quickly finding this place to be a city full of charm.

Yet, on top of all that goodness, what sets San Francisco a part from other cities we’ve spent time discovering is the natural beauty that surrounds this enchanting place.

Take for instance Lands End.


Located on the northwest corner of San Francisco, you can get to this area by public transportation.

Yet, once you step off the bus your mind instantly forgets you’re even in a city at all. Instead, you feel as if you’re just steps away from the edge of the world.

I’m talking rugged cliffs, towering cypress trees, and rocky beaches. All wrapped up into one breathtaking view.


Oh, and then there’s the Golden Gate Bridge.


It’s kind of crazy because whatever direction you chose to go, you end up with a different view.

Let’s say you choose to go left for example, you are then welcomed by a stunning sandy beach with a shoreline as far as the eye can see.


Not to mention you’ll stumble across a big ole, giant camera box, which is pretty cool to see.



Now, let’s say you decide to go right. Well, there you’ll find the official Lands End trail you can hop onto and follow along for some amazing views.

It really is the perfect Sunday afternoon activity if you ask me. Nice and slow and just relaxing. You can simply take your sweet time breathing in the fresh California air and embracing the nature around you.


This place kind of plays some mind tricks, as you would never guess the heart of San Francisco is not even a stone’s throw away.



Now, the natural wonderland doesn’t stop there.

Not too far down from Lands End is the ever-popular Baker Beach. This shoreline stretches a mile long below staggered cliffs and is the perfect place for an afternoon full of picnicking, soaking up the sun’s rays, and people watching.



Just be warned: the northern part shoreline is a nudist beach.We didn’t get that memo. So, I was a little taken aback when I saw two sets of butt-checks strolling down the down.

If you like taking your clothes off and mesmerizing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, well this place might be your cup of tea.



San Francisco, I’m really, really starting to dig you.

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