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Happy, weekend!

I hope life has been treating you good lately. These last couple weeks in San Francisco have been rather lovely. We’ve been trying to squeeze in as much exploring as we can during the weekends. Key word: trying. We’re  quickly finding out just how many hidden pockets there are peppered into these hilly streets. So much to discover! There seriously needs to be a day between Saturday and Sunday. Am I right, or am I right!?

I keep seeing all the fiery reds and golden yellows of the fall foliage on my Instagram feed, and I’m reminded again the season has officially changed. It’s funny because here on the west coast, the presence of fall is not as apparent. No leaves yet to be crunched. Besides the usual chill in the air, San Francisco has kept a pretty steady high-60s forecast, so unless I have a pumpkin-spiced whatever in my hand, my mind is still in summer mode.


Besides the Ikea run we need to make here in the nearby future, our apartment is finally starting to feel like home. I cannot help but grin from ear to ear just typing that, especially since it wasn’t even two months ago when we didn’t even know when we’d be officially move out here. I vividly remember being a tightly-wound ball of nerves once we got back from our trip. Day in, day out, there was nothing on my mind but my job search. See, anyone who knows me knows uncertainty is not my strong suite. I like knowing when and where, and knowing the why is nice, too.

Yet, I’m learning time and time again the best solution is to just let go and let GOD. Whatever the situation, He finds a way to make sure everything always works out. In His timing. Most importantly, I’m learning to be still. And be present. It’s a constant challenge — trying to be still — since I’m usually always thinking about what’s going to come next. But, remembering to be still and let Him lead the way has truly calmed my spirit. Less worry, more trust. That’s my new mantra.


On a lighter note, not too many Saturdays ago, we found our new favorite cafe, Jane. Not only does this spot serve AH-MAZING brunch, but it also is home to a delicious chewy ginger cookie that I cannot get enough of. Thank goodness it takes walking up some steep, steep hills to get to this place, because I could eat this food ALL day.


Have you guys ever heard of the Blue Angels? You know, the US Navy fighter planes!? Well, apparently, every October they perform a show over the Golden Gate Bridge. This performance is known to draw BIG crowds, but luckily for us, we were able to watch these planes fly from our apartment. Looking out from our window, it was crazy to see just how many people had the same idea to dodge the crowds, as there were TONS of people watching from rooftops.

Because we were unaware there would be a warm-up taking place, both Derek and I were quite alarmed once the action took way. We were just fixing breakfast in our teeny-tiny kitchen when BAM – the planes roared over our building, soaring high into the sky, making their way to the bay. It was truly incredible to witness!


Now, you know I fell in love when we stumbled into this coffee shop. Caffeine + amazing pineapple wallpaper. I was just smitten.


Oh, and let me just tell you about our new favorite plant shop. We came across it while on our way to Trader Joe’s and instantly fell in love. For starters, this place has one of the BEST succulent selections I’ve ever seen. We now have about 10 in our apartment — whoops! But, this shop also serves complimentary wine!! As if I needed another excuse to buy another one of these cuties?



Ah, donuts. They might not be as big and fluffy as the ones we’d devour in NYC, but these from Bob’s were quite tasty.


Last weekend, we went on the search for cute, fun planter pots for our new baby succulents. We both thought for sure we’d find some plant trinkets in Chinatown, but there was no such luck. As much as I’ve always been intrigued by San Francisco’s Chinatown, it turns out it’s just a plain ole tourist trap. It was so commercialized and all of the stores sell the same things.

Kind of a let down.

My friend let me in on the scoop that the “real” Chinatown is actually in another neighborhood called the Richmond, so I’ll keep you updated with any findings there.



So I know I’m looking like a real foodie on this post, but please note, Derek and I share these sweet treats, okay!! But, when you see a place that serves homemade ice-cream-sandwiches-rolled-in-fruity-pebbles, you don’t say no!


New favorite park alert: Mission Dolores. This green space has such breathtaking views of the skyline. The perfect spot to spend an afternoon chilling, reading a book, and sipping on some champagne. You know, since open containers are legal here in Cali. Well, I don’t know that for sure — I should really Google it — but everyone seems to sip on drinks in public spaces here so I’m guessing it’s legal?



On Friday nights, just a couple blocks down from our apartment, we found out it’s food trucks galore. Food trucks on food trucks serving up such an awesome variety of foods. Part of Off the Grid, a moving food truck festival, this really is the perfect way to start your weekend! String lights, a live band, and too much food for your own good. SO much fun.

It was going to be our new “Friday night” but turns out this past Friday was the last week of the year the trucks would be here. Guess Off the Grid is going off the grid for the remainder of 2016…


The fog rolling in from the bay. So mysterious, don’t you think?!


And, that’s a wrap. Pretty much everything that has been going on here with us lately. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week. Almost time to get another weekend started!


Oh, and thank you all once again for the sweet comments you left on the last post. As hard as it is to be away from friends and family, I must say, I cherish the times we all are altogether so much more now. Even the simplest family dinners at home, I soak in all the smiles and laughter going around the table, and cling to those memories when I’m gone. Because it’s those beloved faces I take with me in my mind on my day-to-day here across the country. Ah, life is good.

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  • Joann

    Katherine, You make everything sound wonderful and exciting! What a special gift God has given you!!! Can’t wait to “see” more of San Francisco through your adventures!!!

    • Thank you so much for reading, Joann! I’ll definitely keep posting more photos 🙂

  • Marlene

    Still loving all your posts and pictures! Love to you & Derek!!

    • Kathryn

      Thank you for always reading and following along, Ms. Marlene! Hope all is well your way 🙂