Exploring Ireland: Cliffs of Moher

Well, hello there.

First off, my apologies for being a bit of a stranger these past two weeks. I’ve been searching for the time to write this post for days, but time just kept slipping out from under me. Starting new jobs, searching for an apartment, and trying to get settled in a brand new city ah, my brain has been in overdrive.

It’s funny how much I long for blogging when I’m not blogging. I guess sitting down cranking out words is kind of my drug. Good thing I’m back. Because even with the first paragraph I’m starting to feel that writer’s high I love so much.

Turns out I’m sitting in the exact same coffee shop where I wrote my last post (you know, about the Irish countryside?) Well, here I am, again. And this time I am excited to share thoughts on the last leg of our Ireland adventure. I’m curious to know your thoughts, because for me, I’ve definitely saved the best for last.

ireland_cliffs of moher 3

Ah, the Cliffs of Moher. How can I even begin to describe the magic wrapped up in these cliffs?

The truth is, I just can’t.

There are no words.

Well, none that I can think of right now.

Although we had to drive for hours upon hours up the coast just to reach this part of the Wild Atlantic Way, it was a million times worth it.

ireland_cliffs of moher 11

And hey, please don’t judge the selfie below. We had been in the car driving for eight solid hours to get to these cliffs. So there was no question we had to document this moment!

ireland_cliffs of moher 8

ireland_cliffs of moher 10

I might have gotten too close to the edge for Derek’s comfort, but I couldn’t even help myself.

Ever since I read about these captivating cliffs years ago, they had been on my bucket list to see in person. And now that I was here, taking in alllllll the panoramic views around me, I felt like I was literally on the top of the world.

ireland_cliffs of moher

While my mom might not feel the same when she read this, I was so relieved to see there were no fences along the span of the cliffs. To me, having the freedom to creep up as much as you wanted to the steep edges made you feel even more connected to nature.

ireland_cliffs of moher 6

There were definitely some people who were very conscious of staying as far from the edges as possible cough, cough, Derek but me, not so much.

ireland_cliffs of moher 5

It was so hard leaving this view behind. So many shades of blues and greens all around. I mean, does a view like this ever get old?

It just can’t, right?

ireland_cliffs of moher 4

ireland_cliffs of moher 2

ireland_cliffs of moher 9

ireland_cliffs of moher_castle

Having the opportunity to take in the gorgeous scenery of the Cliffs of Moher had to have been one of my all-time favorite memories of our entire trip. Maybe even of my life. It was one of those moments where you have to pinch yourself to prove this is real, not a dream. And after exploring this breathtaking portion of Ireland, there is absolutely no doubt, this is God’s country.

If you’d like to read even more about the Cliffs of Moher, check out this post I wrote on POPSUGAR!

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