Roaming Around Notting Hill & Shoreditch

london_notting hill pastels

I had read so many good things about Notting Hill — not to mention falling in love with the movie itself — so I was extra excited to explore this lovely neighborhood during our last day in London.

Ah, so many shades of color. From pale pastels to bold and bright hues. My eyes became smitten with each new street we roamed.

london_notting hill_pastel houses

Is it just me, or do colorful doors seem so much more inviting!?

london_notting hill pink door

I loved all the symmetry, too. Every house just seemed so quaint and full of charm.


Our favorite street had to be Portobello Road, which houses the famous Portobello Market. Just look at that rainbow of colors!?

london_portobello road

This well-known market attracts both tourists and londoners alike, with good reason. It runs almost the length of Notting Hill from south to north. With endless stalls lining the street, you can just about find anything here.

Vintage clothing. Amazing antiques. Fresh fruits and homemade breads. Local art.

I’m telling you, it is all here. All you need is the patience to rummage through it all. But, if you take the time, you definitely will find some nice gems!

london_portobello market

london_notting hill_colors

I seriously could walk these streets each and every day…

london_notting hill houses

london_notting hill cottage

After meandering around Notting Hill, we then made our way to Shoreditch, an area located in the east end of the city. Known as one of the latest up-and-coming neighborhoods — aka where all the hipsters live — we quickly found out Shoreditch has so much to offer. Delicious (and cheap!) food. Lively bars & pubs. Local street fairs and markets. And how could I forget about all of the graffiti!?

london_shoreditch colorful graffiti

That moment when you randomly stumble upon a wall full of black & white striped graffiti, and you just so happen to match it perfectly. HA!

london_shoreditch graffiti

london_firefly graffiti

Ah, and of course the Columbia Flower Market!!

london_columbia flower market

This market only takes place on Sundays, so it definitely draws in a big crowd. I’m so glad we were able to see this market in person. There were so many buckets overflowing with beautiful bouquets. SO many flowers. And SO much color. I loved every second we spent here.

If we hadn’t been leaving the next day, I definitely would have taken a bouquet of peonies home with me. Sitting there looking so lively and colorful, they certainly were calling my name.

london_columbia flower market 1

london_mini cooper

On the way home we stumbled upon the Black Cab Coffee Co., aka a mobile coffee shop. Coffee being served out of the roof of an iconic London taxi — Pretty cool, right!? Despite the fact I had already downed two cups of coffee prior, I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I might have gotten a bit of a caffeine high afterwards, but it was totally worth it!

london_black cab coffee

We spotted the prettiest mural as we were leaving the area to head back to our Airbnb.

One good deed today.

What a beautiful reminder for each and every day.

london_shoreditch_one good deed

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