All Around London Town: Part II

london_piccadilly circus

Hello, All!

I am super excited to be sharing even more on our time in London. In case you missed Part I, you can find it right here. With the amount of pictures we managed to snap while in this city, you’d think we were there for at least several weeks. Nope. Hard to believe it was just a mere three days. Yet, those were probably some of the busiest three days of my life. SO much walking. But, don’t worry, we treated ourselves to probably too many sweets for all of those steps, so it was allll worth it!

london_piccadilly circus2

When we finally made it to the top of the escalator from the underground (the word locals use for the subway here!) we were welcomed to all things London. I looked over at Derek’s face and we both had the same smiling reaction. London flags. Old-school taxis. Cherry-red double-Decker buses. The streets were oozing with so much charm.

london_telephone booth

Ah, and all of the flower stands lining the streets. My eyes were certainly at a happy place. So many shades of bright colors, how could you not smile!?

london_columbus flower market

If you’re a sucker for extra-adorable bakeries, well then you belong in this city. I quickly lost track of all the ones we stumbled upon. But this one below, ah, it completely stole my heart. I’m not even a huge pink fan and I couldn’t help but fall in love. Not to mention the archway FULL of colorful flowers. Swoon.

london_bake shop

Remember a couple of years ago when Derek and I waited in line for cronuts in NYC? (Yes, I know that sounds absolutely absurd, but please hold the judgement!) Well, we should have just come to London because these savory treats were everywhere. Without lines.


See what I mean about the flowers…


To burn off the calories we devoured earlier, we took a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park. This turned out to be such a beautiful walk. Because Hyde Park is also one of the Royal Parks, we were able to also walk past the entrance of Kensington Palace. I remember this day being extra sunny, especially for London’s standards, so there were tons of people out running, picnicking, and soaking up the warm rays.

london_hyde park

You know, when in London, you’ve got to have some fish & chips, right!? We thought so, too. I had read about the adorable and traditional-styled chippy called Golden Union. This place was so much fun, and so delicious.

london_golden union

We had read about mushy peas. I know, I know. That two words don’t sound the most appetizing. Trust me, try them. I never knew mushy peas could be so good!!

london_fish n chips

I had convinced Derek to stop by Liberty (a really well-known department store in London) with me. Poor thing. Window shopping never really seems to be as fun for him as it is for me. But, bless him. He has to be one of the most patient people in this world, and I thank him for that!

While this store was a bit (ok, wayyy) over our backpacking budget, it was still fun to simply look around. I loved the rainbow wheel of flats down below!

london_liberty department store

london_queen elizabeth

And then there was Sketch!! How can I even begin to describe this place? I had read about it months ago before our trip, and knew this place was a MUST-SEE. Pretty much the prettiest place for afternoon tea.

This place is more than just a destination for food and drinks. It’s quite the work of art. See, it is comprised of several different rooms, all of which have completely different feels. The one pictured below is called the Gallery. When you step into this room, you will instantly be transported to a pink wonderland. Blush painted walls. Velvet covered seats. Rose-gold place settings. I’m telling you, this room is like no other. A dream, really.


I fall in love with a lot of things, but I never thought I’d fall head-over-heels for a bathroom. Yet, Sketch showed me the unthinkable. Whoa. Once again, I was blown away with this room. So psychedelic. The bathroom stalls were individual pods. Can you believe it!? Futuristic with a capital F. Totally the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

So over-the-top and amazing though.


I won’t be ashamed to admit, I took a bathroom selfie. Which, if you know me and know how rare it is for me to take a selfie, you’d know this is a BIG deal. But, I just couldn’t help it. This room was just too good not to document!


The room we actually had tea in is called the Glade. And again, I was blown away. Instead of being just another room, this is more like an enchanting forest. It reminded me so much of Alice in Wonderland. It truly is a modern day fairy tale. I can only imagine how romantic it feels at night!

london_sketch_tea room

Sketch was definitely one of those unique experiences you just have to encounter for yourself. If you are ever in London, please, please go here!

london_sketch_tea room1

There are so many fun quirks about this city. For starters, talk about this houseboat-turned-bookshop on the water. Derek had heard about this shop before we arrived, and desperately wanted to check it out. The tricky part with that is the shop is constantly moving locations. So, when we were walking on the boardwalk and spotted it parked, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check it out. Such a cool concept!

london_word on the water

london_notting hill

I don’t think we could have stumbled upon a more fitting car for this city. Ah, retro mini-coopers, I love you so. If I could somehow crunch you up to fit in my backpack, I really, really would.

london_mini cooper

The picture below cracks me up, over and over again. I had read about how this bakery is famous for its rainbow cake. Well, by the time we had arrived to the cake shop, we were pretty much caked out. Ugh, you know that feeling when you just cannot take one more bite of something sweet? Yeah, well that’s what we were feeling after eating our way through the city. But, I couldn’t just pass up the rainbow cake. I mean, just look at how pretty it is.

So, we took a slice to go. Turns out, this cake is enormous. Like HUGE. Six layers! It took us three nights to finish it, and we were shared. How insane is that!? So, each night, we’d come back home to our Airbnb, light the fireplace (despite the fact it was the middle of June!) and slowly eat away the colorful layers. Ah, good times.


I have one more round of London photos coming your way. And then, you guessed it, another mini film. So, be sure to be on the lookout!

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