Living a Parisian Dream: Part II

Hello! I’m so excited to share more on our time in Paris with you. Ah, what an incredible week. I don’t throw this statement around often, but our seven days in this city was truly some of the best days of my life.

I don’t know what it is about this place that makes you feel so alive. So rejuvenated. Whatever it is though, I tried to bottle it up and take it with me for the everyday.

I know in my Part I post I talked a little about our teeny-tiny 5th-floor walk-up. As much as we loved that cozy little toaster apartment, our dream was to find an Airbnb with the view of the Eiffel Tower. We knew this kind of view would be a bit pricey so we decided if we came across one within our budget we’d only stay in it for our last two nights.

Somehow, we hit the jackpot with this place.

Never in a million years would I imagine a view this good. No lie, the Eiffel Tower was so close, I could literally see people on the second level of it. The host giggled a bit when I pointed it out.  They were ant-sized of course, but there they were.

Looking out this window, I truly felt like the luckiest girl in the world. And to thank this was someone’s view every. single. day.

paris_airbnb eiffel tower view

Our time at this apartment was so precious. I hope to never forget these memories. We’d wake up early and run along the streets at the base of the tower. We’d come back, fix breakfast, and sip on our morning coffee, just absorbing it all.

paris_airbnb kitchen

paris_eiffel tower view

After taking in the mesmerizing views of our home for the next couple of days, we finally got out for a bit and explored the Luxembourg Gardens.

paris_luxemburg garden statue

paris_luxemburg gardens selfie

These gardens looked so beautiful and immaculate, making it kind of hard to look away.

paris_luxemberg garden palace

And then, on the way to breakfast, we stumbled upon the most colorful cluster of balloons. They were so random.

I loved it.

Cheers to celebrating the every day, right?

paris_street balloons

One of our favorite places to eat brunch in New York was Buvette, the most adorable little eatery tucked away in the West Village. Well, they happen to have another location in Paris which makes sense since it’s a French restaurant. We promised each other that we’d stop by when we were here in the city, so that’s what we did. And we ordered the exact same meal. Different city, yet just as delicious.

paris_buvette brunch

Next up, we climbed to the top of Sacre Coeur. This beautiful basilica was absolutely breathtaking. Although we couldn’t make it to the top of the dome due to the blanket of fog, we still were able to take in an amazing view of the city.

paris_sacre coeur

Ah, and this pink restaurant. My heart started racing as soon as my eyes spotted this cutie.

paris_la maison rose

And all the itty-bitty mini coopers. Hands down, my ultimate dream car.

paris_mini cooper

paris_ivy house

So many street cafes that I just couldn’t pass up. Even though I about got a caffeine high since this was about the fifth espresso of the day, the post headache and hand jitters were worth it. No doubt.

paris_street cafe cordonnerie

The lovely Galeries Lafayette.

paris_lafayette shopping center

By far the fanciest department store I have ever stepped foot in, and way over my budget, but definitely worth stopping in if you have the chance.

paris_lafayette shopping center dome

Now this store below: way more my kind of scene. This was one of the coolest bookstores we have come across thus far. It was basically a slice of heaven for Derek.

paris_shakespeare and company bookstore

And then this girl right here. We met in college and it was so nice to get to visit her in her home city.

Justine, I cannot thank you enough for showing us such a great time. Endless carbs + wine. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.


Despite the wine hangover, we forced ourselves to get to the Louvre super early the next day before the crowds started flocking. It was such an amazing experience getting to see this museum lit up at night, but I have to admit, it was pretty incredible having the pyramids to ourselves.

Not to mention this gave us the time to get a bit goofy.

paris_louvre pyramid jump

paris_louvre museum pyramid

We ended the day with a much-anticipated visit to Palais Garnier.

paris_opera house hallway

I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful this opera house was. With every turn, I became more and more captivated. And the theatre’s ceiling mural. What a masterpiece. Such vivid and bright colors. I practically got a neck crick staring at it, but I couldn’t look away. It was that stunning.

paris_opera house mural

paris_opera house view

I cannot wait to share even more with you, but for your sake, I will save the rest for Part III. If you happened to miss Part I, you can check it out here. And if you’re seeking even more tips for visiting Paris, check out this city guide I put together for POPSUGAR.

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