Bruges, Belgium: A Medieval Fairy Tale

Once we packed our bags and left Amsterdam, our next stop on the map was Belgium.

As soon as we arrived in the small town of Bruges, we quickly found ourselves in what seemed to be a medieval fairy tale. Picturesque cobblestone streets. Charming little cottages lining dreamy canals. Unruly ivy sprawling on the fronts and sides of brick buildings. Old weeping willow trees hovering over the reflective waters.

I’m telling you, this place was a complete fantasy land. And to think some people actually call this lovely town their home.



The only downside about Bruges is that so many people know about it. With good reason since every street screams out charm. We made sure to arrive early in the morning so that we could avoid the flocks of crowds and roam about leisurely.



This place was just a dream. All of the winding streets kept calling our names to come explore and uncover the treasures each one held.




The staggered roof-tops and itty-bitty windows stole my heart. I mean, how precious are those below?



I really loved how much color there was in this town. From the window panes to the garages and doors, even the buildings themselves were painted in some shade of color.


Not to mention the quaint Market Square. I could just imagine how bustling this main square was back in the day.


Once we meandered our way out of the city center, we were introduced to an entire new layer of beauty. Just check out this fork in the road. Is that not one of the most darling things you’ve ever laid eyes on?


There were rows and rows of cozy looking cottages lining the canals. Because it was still mid-morning, not much of the town had seemed to have waken so the streets were extra quiet, making for such a peaceful stroll.


My jaw dropped when our eyes met this house below. The house was basically being taken over by green ivy. And while I’m sure it might have been a nuisance to the owners, I, for one, could not get enough. The way the green was illuminating with the sun’s rays, it was just beautiful.








And what would a trip to Belgium be without a few waffles, right?

I’ve always been more of a pancake person, but it would have been a crime to my taste-buds had I not at least tried one. Turns out these were some of the best waffles I have ever tasted.

We instantly knew we had hit the waffle jackpot at Maison Dandoy. The waffles here tasted so crisp and airy, not to mention the sprinkled sugar, drizzle of caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream on top. Talk about a delicacy.


And then bring on the chocolate. White, milk, dark, you name it, Belgium has it. And mounds and mounds of it.


While we spent a day in Bruges, our home base was Brussels.

Unfortunately, the one day we had in this city the weather was a bit crummy. Pouring rain all day long. However, my older sister had mentioned Brussels having one of the most gorgeous main squares she has seen in Europe, so we didn’t let the rain deter us from checking this place out.


Claire was right; this center square was just breathtaking. While you can’t really tell from these photos, so many of the buildings we decked out in gold. And while I’m not usually a fan of the gaudy look, this was done in such a tasteful and beautiful way. All the buildings looked so opulent, it was clearly visible no expenses were spared when building this city masterpiece.



I’m so thankful we had a chance to explore Belgium. While we only had a few days to personally discover this country, we quickly grasped how beautiful this area truly is.

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