Exploring Berlin: Part II


Ok, time for Part II of our time in Berlin.

Don’t worry if you missed Part I, you can find that post here!

We walked and walked and roamed and roamed during our last few days in Berlin. This city just has so much to explore and discover, and we tried our hardest to cover as much ground as possible. There was just so much to soak in.

On the way to grabbing a quick bite to eat, we managed to find a really awesome flea market. We must have just been at the right place at the right time because this place was incredible. So many hidden treasures! One of my favorites things ever is stumbling upon a random market. It doesn’t really matter what type market it might be, I just love strolling past all the stalls and vendors. It’s always so much fun because you really have no idea what kind of gems you might find. And this one was like one big treasure trove!


Such fun vintage clothes in so many prints and patterns.


I didn’t even know where to begin with the pile below…


Ah, a random disco ball waiting to be taken home. If only I had more room!!


After playing a bit of dress-up, our stomachs were really starting to make a scene with the loudness of their growls so we continued on our way to breakfast. If you’re ever in the Berlin area, please, please, please go to Aunt Benny. This place was so, so tasty!


Another one of my favorite things about Berlin: the random photo-booths!! They were literally everywhere. Which meant we took home a lot of photo-strips. Because hey, you can’t walk past one of these retro boxes and not jump inside! That would just be a crime.





Another really awesome cafe we stopped into was Katie’s Blue Cat. This place had such a chill vibe, not to mention the cute, cozy room in the back. We splurged and got a cinnamon bun because 1) it was homemade and 2) it wouldn’t stop staring at us. No regrets there. It was so soft and cinnamon-y!


Berlin was just full of little quirks, which made me love the city even more.


Our favorite coffee shop had to have been Concierge Coffee, which wasn’t even really a shop but more along the lines of a drive-through window.



See what I mean about quirkiness.

A random bar under the subway tracks. It doesn’t really get much better, am I right!?


I saw so many fun notebooks and trinkets I wanted to get and bring home.

*Note to self: next time bring an extra backpack for all the souvenir goodies.



Another great bookstore we came across was Shakespeare & Sons.


What made this place so great was its concept of books & bagels. And those were some mighty tasty bagels. With fig cream cheese. Ah, such a creamy slab of heaven!





After walking what seemed like miles on top of miles, we finally reached the park Derek had been wanting to check out. This place was super cool. What made this park so unique was that it basically was a deserted airport, which meant it was the perfect place for runners, bikers, and roller-skaters. We had so much fun playing on the runway.


While Derek spent more time practicing his crow pose…


I spent my time trying to perfect the pencil pose.


We finished up the day chowing down on some of the best burgers I’ve ever devoured at Shiso Burger. This place was all about burgers with a twist.  Ah, these were so good. I got the veggie burger but it was still super delicious.


Berlin, you truly are on point. Thank you for showing us such an amazing time. I can’t wait to see you again one day!


To read more about our time in Berlin, click here. And if you’d like to see the mini film Derek created of our time in this city, be sure to check it out here or see it below!

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