The Majestic Mountains of Lucerne

Have you ever traveled somewhere that left you completely speechless? I’m talking sights so beautiful, tingles shoot up your spine. You can’t move because your mind is frozen with astonishment. You can’t speak, as your mind cannot form full sentences. You try, but all that comes out are the oohhs and the aahhs. All you can do is stop, stand and stare as you gaze around trying to mentally photograph the magic around you.

Lucerne was this type of place for me.

A compact little city located in the heart of Switzerland, Lucerne is a spectacular setting. Not to mention the perfect day-trip from Zurich. With the city, the lake, and the mountains looming in the distance, it is embedded with beauty.


When Derek and I arrived in early morning, the town was just starting to wake up. The streets were still a bit quiet. The sidewalks were still a bit empty. And we could feel the morning mist rising off the calming waterfront. It was such a sweet, serene moment.


We took our time wandering around the Old Town. I now know why so many are mesmerized by this area of Lucerne. Meandering through these streets was as if we had traveled back to the medieval times. All the elegant buildings were so well preserved. They were basically bleeding with history.


This place was the perfect recipe for a gorgeous city.  Candy-colored buildings. Waterfront promenades. Covered wooden bridges.

Standing on the sidewalk, you’d think you were staring at a picture.


Yet, Lucerne didn’t take itself too seriously. Fun murals and quirky statues were sprinkled along the streets, too, which kept us smiling.



Above all, Lucerne offered the prettiest views.



The higher you climbed, the prettier the view became.


A blanket of clouds above. Mountains crowned with snow in the distance. And an adorable town below. We were swooning.




After roaming around the Old Town for most of the morning, we headed toward the rolling countryside to continue the adventure.


Everyone seemed to be on their own pace here. Even the cows seemed relaxed as they spent their time grazing on the luscious green grass.


With the help of a cable-car, we made our way up, up, up to the top of Mt. Pilatus.


And there they were: the majestic mountains. They soared so high, wrapping their arms around the lake.


This view right here is when it all clicked we were somewhere very special. That high up, it felt like we were just fingertips away from heaven.

The inspiring terrain just seemed so surreal. So breathtaking, to say the least.


To make the day even more memorable, we opted for a little hill-thrill by taking a toboggan run down the mountain.

It was then we traveled back a couple of decades. We were both kids again. I felt so giddy with excitement as I was waiting for my turn. Neither Derek or I had ever done this before, so it was especially fun experiencing it together.


While I thought the ride was going to be the most fun, turns out getting back up the mountain is actually where the magic happens. You see, your sled has to get clipped to a wire and you are literally dragged up the mountain backwards. Sounds quite scary, but I promise you it was so fun.


Your only job is to sit tight and enjoy the gorgeous view while you get dragged back up to the top. Pretty seamless.





Gazing out to views as majestic as this one has always been such a humbling experience for me. While mankind creates stunning architectural treasures each and every day, nothing can compare with the beauty of Mother Nature.

As I stand still, captivated by the picturesque panorama, I am reminded how inferior we as human beings are to nature. And I can’t help but count my blessings for having the opportunity to experience this beauty first hand.



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