Soaking Up the Zurich Charm in Switzerland

I’m a big sucker for charm I know, surprise, surprise. Cute and cozy just makes my heart flutter. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with Zurich so fast. This place just had charm written all over it. Narrow alleyways. A colorful old town. A serene waterfront. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll stop right there.

Zurich had this sense of sophistication to her. She seemed dainty and proper. She had a pristine personality, along with a delicate, natural beauty. She didn’t need to nor did she try to impress. She had it all. The snow-covered Alps in her rear-view mirror. The slow-flowing river gently slicing her down the middle. The pastry-colored pastels painting the streets was just the cherry on top to her sweetness.

While we only had two full days to soak in her dazzling charm, I left feeling confident we made the most of our time getting to know this lovely lady.



As cliche as it might sound, Zurich was simply perfectly imperfect. She had this sense of authenticity so many other places yearn to possess. It was clear she wasn’t trying to put on a show for us tourists by any means. Instead, she was simply being herself, in the most honest and pure way possible for the locals that call her home.


There was so much I loved about her though. Just look at her slightly slanted rooftops.


And all of the buildings snuggling up against one another. You could certainly feel the love in this city.


She just had the mostly delightful looking storefronts.


Along with some amazing, unique art.




Narrow alleyways. Cozy cafes. Flowers draping against the walls.

Be still, my heart.



She sure did serve up some tasty food. We became slightly obsessed with those warm, doughy, salty pretzels. I mean, look at the size of that thing!


And so many window decorations. Potted plants were a BIG thing here. It made the homes feel so warm and inviting.


These baby, bright-blue shutters immediately sent me straight up to cloud nine. I can’t even begin to describe the size of the grin on my face when we came across these cuties.




We made sure to keep our eyes open at all times, gazing both up and down, as we never knew what adorableness we’d stumble upon.


Another heart-melter: the chimney toppers.

Have you ever seen such cute chimney decor? All the houses sported them.


The river provided such a relaxing vibe. With its calming flow and hypnotic lure, it dismissed any surrounding chaos, making it the perfect place to just sit still and unwind.




This place took trendy to the next level. Check out those ombre eggs.


Believe it or not, the photo below is inside the police station. While it is a bit unusual to visit the police station willingly, I had read about the gorgeous ceiling before our arrival, and was adamant about seeing it in person. Radiating with warm tones of red and gold, it was absolutely stunning.

The locals call this the “hall of tiny flowers.”


We climbed atop the Grossmünster church and just as expected, Zurich was as breathtaking from above as she was down below.


It was at that moment when we noticed how many AMAZING terraces there were scattered around on rooftops.



Zurich was a big believer of symmetry. She had a special way of making it so fun, too, don’t you think?


Not to mention all the inspirational sayings that were sprinkled along the streets.



She certainly did have great style, too.


Yet, our only drawback was she was a bit overly priced. But that didn’t slow us down any. It just meant cooking most of our meals in our apartment.

Looking back, this was a blessing in disguise. We needed a good dose of salads and veggies after all the carbs we gorged down while in Spain and Italy.





Oh, Zurich.

Thank you for leaving such a lasting impression. While we only knew each other for a couple of days, I’m so thankful to have had the chance to take in all of your alluring beauty. You sure are one ravishing place.



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