Chowing Down at San Miguel Market & Exploring El Rastro

Why is it when you’re away from home, everything that is considered edible calls your name. It’s like the minute your stomach realizes you’re on vacation, it never ever seems to get full. And somehow, it manages to trick your brain into thinking calories don’t count. Am I right?

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a sneaky stomach?!

It just seems like since we’ve gotten here, all we’ve been doing is eating. Which, hey, I’m definitely not complaining. The bread. The gelato. The tapas. How can you say no?

Somehow, the sight-seeing really works up an appetite.

Luckily, with sight-seeing comes LOTS and LOTS of walking. According to Derek’s Fitbit, we’re averaging a good 11 miles per day (!), which in my mind, justifies that extra croissant.


We certainly had a hay-day eating our way through the San Miguel Market in Madrid. First off, this market is absolutely stunning with the historic wrought-iron-and-glass facade. And then, once you enter the threshold to food-heaven, there are the countless stalls of the freshest fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and of course tapas.

Oh, tapas.

The idea of tapas is simple genius.

We had so much fun weaving through the clusters of crowds, our noses leading the way.


How do you even choose!?


Derek tried what seemed like his body-weight in olives and cheese.


No surprise that I stuck with the sweets.

Take for instance, this itty-bitty-teeny-tiny gelato cone.

It’s basically the Baked-By-Melissa version of ice cream!


Then, there was the baklava. Took me back to my time in Greece.

Oh, and the churros dipped in chocolate.

Yeah, those were so tasty.



Madrid just takes markets to the next level.

While the San Miguel Market was a blast for our taste-buds, our eyes sure did have a party of their own at the El Rastro Market.

This place was the mother of all flea markets.

Basically, the Brooklyn Flea on steroids!!

And, my thrifty-loving side sure did love every single minute of it.

We got lucky since this one-of-a-kind market only occurs on Sundays…




Whatever your heart desires, you can rest assured knowing you will find it here.


So much random goodness.

Shoes. Trinkets. Empty frames. Street art.

You name it, this place has it.





And, the amazing sidewalk band made the morning even better.


Ah, what a memorable day!


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