Picnicing, Park Hopping & Cable-Car Riding Across Madrid

After several days of non-stop walking & picture-snapping, Derek and I decided to spend our last full afternoon in Madrid simply chilling. Our feet needed the break. They were practically screaming for one. So, we thought what better way to relax than to grab some vino, pack a picnic, and head to Parque de El Retiro, which is basically Madrid’s Central Park.

We stopped by a local market and picked up a crate of fresh strawberries, which made the afternoon that much more sweeter.



The park was absolutely gorgeous. The luscious green grass. The wild daisies scattered in patches. All the people out and about. You could certainly tell spring had sprung. And man was it a pretty sight to see.

Then, all of a sudden, we stumbled upon Palacio de Cristal.


Ah, this place.

What a dream.

Once inside, you could just feel the sun’s rays shining down against all the glass panes.


I simply couldn’t get over how pretty this house palace was.


Truly captivating.


This turned out to be such a special afternoon. It was at this moment when I stood there, gazing around, taking everything in, that I remembered just how fortunate we are to have this amazing experience. And to think it’s just beginning.


Before our trip, Derek had read about a cable car you could ride above the city, providing stunning views of some of the parks, as well as the Royal Palace.

So, of course we had to check it out…


Once we finished with the ride, we took a detour to check out all the views we had just seen from up above.

The gardens of the Royal Palace were so lovely to explore. I mean, talk about that yard.

My only complaint would be if I was the one that had to mow it!


While strolling around the gardens, we met a few new — beautiful — friends.



What a little showoff!

But, you know, I’d probably be doing the same thing if I had those kind of tail feathers.



Just imagine how gorgeous this bride’s wedding photos are going to turn out. I don’t think you could ask for a better backdrop.



Well, Madrid. You did it again. You stole our hearts, day after day.

*To read more about our first few days in Madrid, be sure to click here! But, be warned, it’s photo-overload.

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