Doors of Brooklyn: Thoughts on Making a Home

Brooklyn Doors_Collage

This post is written by a guest contributor—Derek, my husband. Enjoy!

Home is different for everyone. Home can be a big house or a tiny apartment. Home can be a temporary location, like a vacation in the mountains, or permanent, if you are so lucky. And everyone isn’t. Home is where the heart is, as they say. But what makes a home?

I think it’s the people, not the place. Stepping over that threshold evokes a special feeling like no other, made greater by who is on the other side. And a door is there to close behind you. A door is the first and last thing you touch when making the transition between the outside world and your home. A door leaves it all behind, if you allow it. It protects. It welcomes. It keeps the world outside. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to doors so much. They seem to speak to me in their uniqueness, and because I find myself imagining the life behind each of them.

Last year, when Kathryn and I first moved to the Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn, I found myself always noticing others’ front doors as we walked around. With each new section of Brooklyn we discovered, the doors stood out, particularly in the older sections of Brooklyn—Brooklyn Heights, a neighborhood full of gorgeous, old brownstones from the 18-1900’s, for one. The doors were beautiful, each one being unique. They were all so colorful and inviting. Yet, more than that, they all seemed to say something different—happy, serious, quirky, sophisticated or modern. All were characteristically Brooklyn, of course, which I loved.

So, I grabbed my camera and started shooting everywhere we went. The collection grew and grew over the course of a year, and now that we have moved from Brooklyn, I love these images even more. Below are a few of my favorites from different seasons and areas all intertwined in Brooklyn.

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1

Image 7

Image 4

Through this moving process I’ve come to realize that the best door of all is your own. Behind that front door is a place of comfort—a space where you can truly be yourself. I once read in a book that, for better or worse, we are different people in different places.

As Kathryn and I make this move to San Francisco, first we will experience many temporary homes as we travel across Europe. With each new city and each new Airbnb apartment, we will make it our home, even if only temporary. I guess what I’m trying to say is home can be anywhere as long as you have people around you who you love.

We’ll certainly miss our home in Brooklyn, but we both are looking forward to finding a new one soon enough in San Francisco.

Image 5

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