Our Last Few Days in Brooklyn


Now that we’re back in North Carolina for two weeks before heading out on our big trip (I promise I’m going to share more details about that soon!) I wanted to share a couple of photos documenting our last few days in Brooklyn.

I thought our move would have hit me the moment we started selling a lot of our furniture a few weeks back. Nope, didn’t happen. That process just felt liberating. But then again, I am one who loves a good purge.

I knew for sure the move would sink in the moment our apartment was all packed up. But, to my surprise, everything happened so quickly I really didn’t have a moment to truly process it all.

And now, despite the fact we’ve unpacked the entire u-haul trailer, it still doesn’t seem real. When is it going to hit me that our New York City chapter has officially come to a close!?


There were so many things Derek and I had to do before closing this chapter in our lives. For that reason, we created a “Last of the Last” list. You know, listing out all the places we had to go once more before saying goodbye to this beautiful city.

For starters, that meant spending as much time as possible outside in Prospect Park. This park had served as our backyard throughout this past year. Located two blocks from our apartment, it certainly was an oasis.


Yes, I will go ahead and admit the places mostly on the list were our favorite brunch spots.


And of course our favorite ice cream shops. We made any excuse to keep going back for more Ample Hills.

Ah, I miss that sweetness already.


Saying my goodbyes to the friends I made during my time in New York was probably one of the hardest parts of the entire moving process. I don’t know how I became so lucky to have met such an incredible set of girlfriends. I was fortunate enough to have met all of them through working at Kate Spade.

And while my time at the company has now ended, I know for a fact our friendships will stay alive. These women are so special to me, and I couldn’t have imagined New York without them.



The moving process was a bit brutal. I never had any idea Derek and I had so much stuff. How did we ever accumulate so much in such a small space?!

I definitely learned I do not need any more clothes for a longg time. If you’re ever doubting your wardrobe, I’d suggest you move. The process will uncover so many clothes you forgot you even owned.

By the end, it felt like we were literally drowning in boxes.


I’ll never forget our last night in Brooklyn. Derek and I bought a tiny strawberry cake from one of our favorite bakeries a block away, popped some champagne, and spent the night reminiscing.

For the last three years, we managed to collect little keepsakes of our favorite places we’d explored in New York. From ticket stubs to business cards, we saved it all. We told ourselves we’d go through the entire jar whenever we moved away. So, that’s what we did. So many smiles. Countless laughs. And a few happy tears.

It was definitely a special night.

We ended up eating the entire cake. And drinking all the champs. Whoops.



And just like that, our time in New York has come and gone. But in a way, saying goodbye was a lot easier than I ever thought it would be. See, when Derek and I moved up north, we made a promise to each other that we’d explore every inch of the city.

And that’s exactly what we spent the last three years doing. Discovering. Seeing New York with fresh eyes. Taking advantage of literally everything. Now that we have left, I can honestly say we explored this city to the fullest. We never took it and all of its fascinations for granted like some many people tend to do.

For that reason, it was time to say goodbye, and say hello to a new adventure.

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