Mom in The City: Part V


Not too many days ago, my mom flew to visit us here in New York. Just as with any other visit she’s made, it’s hard to believe this one has already come and gone. Oh, but what a fun four days we had together though. We made sure not to make any plans for the weekend prior to her arrival, as we both knew no agenda meant absolutely no rushing. Looking back, that was the best decision. Four days spent in total relaxation catching up was exactly what the two of us needed.

I can’t help but to miss her and her radiant smile already.


As soon as she arrived, we took ourselves right down to the coffee shop below our apartment where we spent most of the afternoon. We probably chatted for hours just simply catching each other up on life. It’s moments like these that can be the most precious, and I can’t help but cherish each and every one of them.


Because this was her fifth time visiting me here in the city (!!), there was no pressure of sight-seeing because, well, she’s practically seen it all. That said, it was so nice just taking our time to meander our way throughout some of our favorite neighborhoods.


Of course, there was lots of brunch.



And sweets. Lots of sweets.

You see this milkshake below. Apparently, it’s the new “it” dessert in NYC. Gravity-defying milkshakes they call it. People literally wait hours in line just for this masterpiece.

I’ll go ahead and admit, we did. We ended up waiting almost two hours (!!) just for one milkshake. I bet you’re thinking we’re crazy. Looking back, we kind of were. To wait in the freezing cold for a milkshake…yeah, it does sound a bit backwards. But, we did it. And luckily, it ended up tasting pretty darn delicious.





The weather was on the chillier side the entire weekend, so we tried our best to stay indoors. We made our way to the Brooklyn Flea in Industry City, which is always a lot of fun. SO much cool stuff everywhere you look. I can’t help but want to play dress up every time we venture to this market. I mean, this place is a vintage-lover’s paradise.


My favorite part is of course the food at Smorgasburg. I mean, check out this donut.

Talk about MASSIVE.

But, I’d be doing a disservice to my taste buds if I didn’t partake in this goodness.


It’s no secret that Dough donuts are the absolute best in New York. Maybe even the world.

Just look at that glaze.


Another thing I love about the Brooklyn Flea is you never know what you might find. We were so tempted to get this shirt below, because hey, we all have those days…



On Saturday night, Mom tried ramen for the first time. Just as we suspected, she loved it.


Ah, so many nice, long coffee chats.




Come back, Mom — New York just isn’t the same without you.

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