NYC’s Best Brunches, Hands Down


If there is one thing I’ve become while living in New York City, it is a brunchaholic. I admit it, I’m a “brunchie.” From mountain-high stacks of pancakes, to bottomless mimosas and endless drips of coffee, my tastebuds can’t seem to get enough. Please don’t judge. You’d think after a while, hot plates of french toast would suddenly start tasting the same. But they don’t. Because, well, this is NYC, aka a foodie’s teenage dream.

Luckily for you, my brunch obsession can become quite handy in you’re in the city and are ready to chow down. From lots of trial and error, I’ve become quite the expert at sniffing out the best deals, mouth-watering tastes, and of course places with killer brunch vibes. So without further ado, below are the absolute best brunches in NYC. Hands down. And remember, calories don’t count in this city. They just don’t.

Best Spot for Bagels: Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shop

Not only is this place the absolute best place for bagels, it is also the best bang for your buck. These bagels are practically the size of your head, and are just perfect. Crispy on the outside while being so chewy on the inside. And if you’re a cream-cheese lover, well you better get ready, because this place has an overwhelming numbers of choices.


Best Spot for Pancakes: Clinton Street Baking Co.

When I first heard about this place, my mouth practically dropped open when I read people would wait in line an upwards of three hours for these stacks of hotcakes. Now, I definitely did not. Since they serve breakfast all day, we made the strategic move to go for dinner one night. We didn’t wait a single minute, and were able to devour this pancake magic in peace.


Best Spot for French Toast: Rosewater

Oh, Rosewater. While this place isn’t the best for my waist, it sure is good for the soul. The food is just impeccable, not to mention the gigantic portion sizes. Because the menu is seasonal, all the ingredients are super fresh and local.


Best Spot for Oatmeal: Dimes

Located in the heart of Chinatown, this hip brunch spot serves up some of the best oatmeal I’ve ever tasted. As well as a mean egg sandwich. And acai bowls. Oh yeah, and scrumptious “love” toast, as pictured below. My favorite part: the prices are on point and are super reasonable, which makes brunch even that much more enjoyable!


Best Spot for Waffles: Jack’s Wife Freda

How could you not fall in love with a place that had customized sugar packets? I fell in love instantly with the adorable diner vibes this radiated, and then came the food. They don’t serve just any ole waffles. No, this place has rosewater waffles. Which are to die for.


Best Spot for Mouth-Watering Goodness: Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe

1. This place is run by the nicest Aussies ever. 2. There are brekkie boards. 3. Did I mention the brekkie boards? I wish you could taste the picture below, because I cannot even begin to explain the deliciousness. It’s one of those times where you eat in silence trying to chew really, really slow so that you can savor every last bite. And then a state of foodie-depression hits you once you finished, since you realize the goodness is over.


Best Spot for Special Occasions: Loeb Boathouse Central Park

Brunch can’t really get that more special when you’re devouring a plate of delicious food, all while taking in the captivating view of Central Park. This is the perfect place to go if you have family/friends visiting from out of town, or if you’re visiting the city for the first time. We took my parents here when they visited last fall, and it was such a special morning. Central Park + belgium waffles…Can it get much better?


Best Spot for Coziness: Freemans / James / Tiny’s

Located in a tucked-away alley, Freemans truly is one of NYC’s hidden gemstones. And the food is really remarkable, too.


James is located in the bottom of a beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone. That alone screams charm. Yet, get this — the owners actually grow their herbs upstairs on the roof. I mean, talk about local cuisine. No question, you’ve got to order the lemon-ricotta pancakes. You’ll thank me after your first bite.


How can you not fall in love with a little pink building? Tiny’s is one of the most adorable nooks in the city. There is not only a working fireplace in the backroom for an extra cozy brunch, but there is also a tiny bar upstairs churning out those much desired mimosas.


And there you have it, the best brunch places in all of New York City. Please let me know if there are others I should know about. I’m always up for trying new versions of eggs-benedicts and it’s not like I need an excuse to devour some pancakes!

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