Living Inside a Brooklyn Snow Globe


Lately, Mother Nature has been showing us who’s boss. After several weeks of glorious bearable winter weather, she decided to switch things up. In came blizzard Jonas.

While I know snow is nothing new to New York, it always astonishes me when the city shuts down. Literally. Like mandatory-get-off-the-road shutdown!


At first, we weren’t going to leave our apartment. I mean, because why would we leave the warmth of our cozy comforter? But then, after looking out the window and noticing not a single soul on the sidewalk, we started getting cabin fever. Big time.



So, outside we went. We lasted maybe a good 20 minutes? It definitely wasn’t long. But every minute seemed worth it. The kid inside us jumped out a few times when we both had the idea of free-falling into the ginormous piles of snow. Never have I ever seen so much!


And just like that, the sidewalks were cleared, and back to work we went. Can’t really keep NYC down. Not even Mother Nature.


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